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01 Fore FAQ (Backgammon)

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This article is from the Backgammon FAQ, by Mark Damish damish@ll.mit.edu with numerous contributions by others.

01 Fore FAQ (Backgammon)


FAQ /F-A-Q/ or /faq/ [USENET] n. 1. A Frequently Asked Question. 2. A
compendium of accumulated lore, posted periodically to high-volume
newsgroups in an attempt to forestall such questions. Some people
prefer the term 'FAQ list' or 'FAQL' /fa'kl/, reserving 'FAQ' for
sense 1.

-- from: The jargon file, Version 2.9.12, 10 May 1993


Mark Damish damish@ll.mit.edu


The purpose of this FAQ is to answer commonly asked questions which
come up on the rec.games.backgammon news group and to compile a set of
resources which might be useful to backgammon players in general.


Contributions will be thankfully accepted. Send E-Mail to the editor
of this list for inclusion and credit in future FAQs.


The FAQ will be posted on or around the 13th (13: is such a nice
opening roll) of each month to rec.games.backgammon, rec.answers and

The FAQ is also available for anonymous ftp on:
rtfm.mit.edu /pub/usenet/news.answers/games/backgammon-faq

The ascii FAQ may also be obtained vie E-mail. Just send mail to:

send usenet/news.answers/games/backgammon-faq

in the body of the message.

HTML version:
An HTML (hypertext) version of the faq has been created. It is
currently the `source' document for the ASCII version posted to
rec.games.backgammon, and the rtfm archive. Within the document
there are ``links'' from the table of contents, links within
the document, and several links to ftp sites and other
documents which make getting around the document, and the
backgammon portion of internet quite easy. This version of the
FAQ is called bg-faq.html, and may be downloaded for local
reading with a Web-Browser, or may be read on line at:
http://www.cybercom.net/~damish/backgammon/bg-faq.html or at:
http://www.statslab.cam.ac.uk/~sret1/backgammon/faq.html The
HTML version of the faq is updated at this site when the ascii
version is posted to rec.games.backgammon.

diff file:
A diff file will created and posted to the rec.games.backgammon
news group at the same time the FAQ is posted. This will
contain the differences between successive FAQs. It will not be
posted to the *.answers newsgroups, nor will it be archived at
rtfm.mit.edu. The purpose of the diff file is to show recent
changes without having to browse the entire FAQ. DO NOT use
this file to update previous versions of the FAQ as it will
have been edited!


This posting is provided on an "as is" basis, NO WARRANTY whatsoever
is expressed or implied, especially, NO WARRANTY that the information
contained herein is correct or useful in any way, although both are



Changes may be spotted by examining the `diff' file, which is posted
at the same time as this FAQ. In the diff file, a `<' charactor
preceding a line indicates that the line has been removed. Likewise, a
`>' charactor indicates an addition. The diff file is edited and
should not be used for updating from previous versions.


Major and minor contributions and suggestions from the following:

Jeremy Bagai Matchqiz review.
Matthew Clegg The `What is Internet' section.
Paul Ferguson Mac PD BG info. FIBS Client info.
Erik Gravgaard This and that.
Molly Holzschlag GEnie/RSCARDS info
rjohnson Additional info for rules section A2.
Mika Johnsson Original Backgammon article compilation.
Rolf Kleef Nackgammon.
Asger Kring Danish Newsletter, Book supply info. more.
Andy Latto Jacoby, Holland, Beavers, Chouette, Useful advice.
Mel Leifer Many critical pieces of information.
Peter Nickless Acey-Deucy Submission.
Perry R. Ross LDB (Long Distance Backgammon) mail server info.
Mark Rozer Inspired me to play this game.
Gerry Tesauro Backgammon article pointers.
Michael Urban Boston area playing spots.
Kit Woolsey Software reviews. Contributor at large.
Michael J. Zehr Book Review, Holland rule, Combinitorics answer.
Vincent Zweije FIBS description. Narde description. Proof reader

[I apologize if I missed anybody]

Thanks for ALL corrections sent!

PLUS Thanks to all who have submitted material to the
rec.games.backgammon news group, whether or not it has been used here.
Material from rec.games.backgammon is credited where used.

May you roll above average when you need it most.


Information that may or may not be included in the current FAQ:

From: alberto da pra (dapra@iol.it)
Newsgroups: rec.games.backgammon
Subject: Olympiad of Backgammon
Date: 2 Dec 1995 21:18:50 GMT

The second edition of the Backgammon's Olympiad (the first was in the
year 1992) will be in Venice from 25th to 30th June 1996. Who is
intersted can ask info and the invitation.
Alberto da Pra, President WBF
Worldwide Backgammon Federation


Newsgroups: comp.os.os2.games,rec.games.backgammon
Subject: TD-Gammon available for free download
Date: 9 Nov 1995 23:52:45 -0800

IBM has made TD-Gammon, their supposedly groundbreaking neural network-
based version of Backgammon, available for free download. It seems to
be part of an attempt to promote their IBM Family FunPack. You can get
it by surfing to http://www.austin.ibm.com/pspinfo/funtdgammon.html and
following the "Read the license information" link. You will have to fill
out a form with your name, address, etc. (But nothing forces you to enter
valid information. ;) )


The hypertext version of the FAQ is now available at:

Thanks Stephen for mirroring the faq in the UK, which should allow
for quicker access from Europe and the Middle East.


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