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Cooking and Conversions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Cooking, Conversions and Substitutions

This FAQ about >Cooking and Conversions was compiled and written by Victor Sack cooking.faq@mac.com with numerous contributions by others.

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Welcome to the rec.food.cooking FAQ list and conversion helper!

The primary purpose of this document is to help cooks from different countries communicate with one another. The problem is that measurements and terms for food vary from country to country, even if both countries speak English.

However, some confusion cannot be avoided simply by making this list. You can help avoid the confusion by being as specific as possible. Try not to use brand names unless you also mention the generic name of the product. If you use terms like "a can" or "a box", give some indication of how much the package contains, either in weight or volume.

A few handy hints: a kiwi is a bird, the little thing in your grocery store is called a kiwi fruit. Whoever said "A pint's a pound the world around" must have believed the US was on another planet. And cast iron pans and bread machines can evoke some interesting discussion!

-1.0 Substitutions and Equivalents
-1.1 Flours
-1.2 Leavening agents
-1.3 Dairy Products
-1.4 Starches
-1.5 Sugar and other sweeteners
-1.6 Fats
-1.7 Chocolates
-1.8 Meats
-1.9 Salt
-2.0 US/UK/metric conversions
-2.1 Oven Temperatures
-2.2 Food Equivalencies
-2.2.1 Flours
-2.2.2 Cereals
-2.2.3 Sugars
-2.2.4 Fats and cheeses
-2.2.5 Vegetables and fruit
-2.2.6 Dried fruit and nuts, etc.
-2.2.7 Preserves
-2.2.8 Egg sizes
-2.3 American Liquid Measures
-2.4 British Liquid Measures
-2.5 British Short Cuts (S)
-2.6 Energy output of cooktops
-2.7 General Conversion Tables
-2.7.1 International Liquid Measurements
-2.7.2 Weight
-2.7.3 US Liquid Measurements
-2.7.4 Miscellaneous
-2.7.5 Weight/Volume Conversion Chart
-2.8.1 Australian Conversions: Metric Cups
-2.8.2 Australian Conversions: Metric Spoons
-2.9 Catties
-2.10 Some Old Measurements
-2.11 Authorities
-3.1 Glossary of Culinary Terms: A - B
-3.2 Glossary of Culinary Terms: C - E
-3.3 Glossary of Culinary Terms: F - K
-3.4 Glossary of Culinary Terms: L - R
-3.5 Glossary of Culinary Terms: S - Z
-0.1-liter flasks labelled by the respective Consortium (Modena or Reggio Emilia), and the prices vary from about 30 euros for the lower quality to over 100 euros for the higher quality.
-4.0 Cooking Methods
-4.1 Poaching (thank you to Rodger Whitlock)
-4.2 Frying
-4.3 Sautéing (and deglazing)
-4.4 Broiling
-4.5 Caramelising (of onions)
-4.6 Braising
-4.7 Cooking with alcohol
-4.8 Roasting
-5.0 Distilled Wisdom on Equipment
-5.1 Woks
-5.2 Cast Iron
-6.1 Origins of rec.food.cooking
-6.2 Some Higlights in the Life of rec.food.cooking
-6.3 What's all this about xxxx?
-7.0 This has come up once too often....
-8.1 Recipe archives
-8.2 Other cooking/food sites
-9.1 rec.food.cooking
-9.2 rec.food.recipes
-9.3 rec.food.drink, rec.food.drink.beer, rec.food.drink.tea, rec.food.restaurants, rec.food.drink.coffee rec.food.sourdough, rec.food.historic
-9.4 rec.food.veg
-9.5 rec.food.veg.cooking
-9.6 rec.food.preserving
-9.7 also...
-9.8 Mailing Lists
-10.1 Food FAQs
-10.2 Beverages FAQs
-10.3 Religion, lifestyle and special diets FAQs
-10.4 Miscellaneous FAQs
-10.5 Humour FAQs
-11.0 "Unofficial" rec.food.cooking Web site FAQs
-12.0 Sources and Contributors
-12.2 Bibliography

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