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05 Internet Tax Resources


This article is from the US Taxes FAQ, by Wayne Ross wayner@metronet.com.

05 Internet Tax Resources

Internet tax resources are extensive and change almost daily.
There is a significant state and federal government presence and
the emphasis to date seems to be on laws, regulations, tax forms,
etc. Publically accessible commentary, and explanations by other
than the tax authorities is limited. As more accounting and legal
firms establish home pages the amount of commentary should

The IRS home page below provides a great deal of US Federal
tax information:


Included are: a FAQ, toll free and local numbers to contact
the IRS for information, downloadable tax forms, instructions and
publications, key word search of the document data base, and
downloadable tax forms in various formats. These form files
are large and may require lengthy connect time. The Adobe Acrobat
executables (very large) is also available for download.

Last year Compuserve also made available the forms and Acrobat
reader for download. Other on-line services may also provide this

One of the most comprehensive non-governmental listing of tax
information (mostly US) is maintained by Frank McNeil. Frank's
listings are available at:


Barry Rubin also maintains an extensive linked listing of tax
resources (including state tax pages) on his homepage.


Note: The tilde ~ is required. Many http servers use
the tilde to specify certain site specific file paths.

In 1994, several firms offered electronic filing via the
Internet and there have been some newspaper articles on the
possibility of the IRS offering direct electronic filing (bypassing
third parties), via the FedWorld BBS which is reachable using


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