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Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Fellowships FAQ

Information about financial aid, college funding, etc.

This FAQ about was compiled and written by with numerous contributions by others.

-0 The Best Financial Aid Web Sites
-1 Overview of Financial Aid
-2 Determining Financial Need
-3 Consequences of the Need Analysis Formula
-4 Don't Assume You Don't Qualify
-5 Applying for Financial Aid
-6 Beware of Scholarship Scams
-7 The Unclaimed Aid Myth
-8 General Advice
-9 Financial Planning Tips
-9.1. It pays to save.
-9.2. Don't play asset shifting games.
-9.3. Ask about the impact of a second income on aid eligibility.
-9.4. Don't try to finagle the financial aid regulations and policies.
-9.5. Try to bargain or appeal to the financial aid administrator only when the family financial situation has changed significantly or where a great disparity in aid offers suggests that an error has occurred.
-9.6. Don't lie or act in an unethical manner.
-9.7. Start looking for aid early.
-9.8. Plan for the cost of education.
-9.9. Indicating the wrong tax return form on the FAFSA can negatively affect eligibility for some aid programs, such as the Pell Grant.
-9.10. Loan repayment.
-9.11. Divorce and prenuptual agreements do not shelter funds.
-10 My School Didn't Award Me Enough Aid!
-11.1. I probably don't qualify for aid. Should I apply for aid anyway?
-11.2. Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for financial aid at a particular university?
-11.3. Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?
-11.4. How do I apply for a Pell Grant and other types of need-based aid?
-11.5. Are my parents responsible for my educational loans?
-11.6. Why is the family contribution listed on the SAR different from the family contribution expected by the university?
-11.7. If I take a leave of absense, do I have to start repaying my loans?
-11.8. I got an outside scholarship. Should I report it to the financial aid office?
-11.9. Where can I get information about Federal student financial aid?
-12.1. I sent in my FAFSA over four weeks ago, but haven't heard anything. What should I do?
-12.2. My parents are separated or divorced. Which parent is responsible for filling out the FAFSA?
-12.3. My parents are divorced, and the parent I'm living with has remarried. Does my step-parent have to report his or her income and assets on the FAFSA?
-13. Myths About Financial Aid:
-14 Answering Your Questions

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