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11 What Types Of Things Can I See With A Satellite System That I Might NotFind On Cable Broadcast Tv Or Dbs?


This article is from the Satellite TV FAQ, by Gary Bourgois flash@lopez.marquette.mi.us with numerous contributions by others.

11 What Types Of Things Can I See With A Satellite System That I Might NotFind On Cable Broadcast Tv Or Dbs?

Live uncensored coverage of news feeds, with no anchor man or reporter,
just see the news as it happens before live cameras. Major events like
the WACO debacle and the L.A. riots from multiple feed points, YOU select
the angle and shot you want to watch.

Teleconferences and meetings of various businesses and organizations, while
many of these are scrambled, quite a few are not.

Specialty and narrowcast shows, some examples include a 24 hour gold
prospecting channel, a channel for long haul truckers, etc.

College lectures and advanced courses, not just the simple brain dead stuff
of the Mind extension University, but REAL graduate level stuff, watch for
knowledge, or take the course for credit.

A full time channel from NASA, including complete 24 hour coverage of all
space missions, not just the launch and selected tidbits. See space
experiments being performed, and just look out the window at the earth
revolving below.

Several channels of Canadian TV which is superior to American TV, also
Mexican TV, which includes first run movies in English with spanish
subtitles. Unscrambled.

BBC TV Breakfast News, ITN news, News from Moscow TV, RTS TV from Serbia,
TV Madrid, German TV 24 hours a day, Italian TV, a channel of TV from the
Asian subcontinent which runs popular Indian and Pakistani films with no
commercial interruptions (Subscription required). Portuguese TV, Japan TV, A
Greek Channel, Chinese TV, A channel for Eskimos (Inuit), Arab TV, and many
other international broadcasts.

1000 or so AUDIO channels, including every conceivable music format, 24 hour
BBC world service Radio in FM studio quality. Talk shows, and relays of
local radio stations in many cities all across the USA. Several channels of
reading services for the blind, with newspapers, magazines and books read

More sports than a human could stand. Every game in every sport is available
on at least one satellite channel. Some sports like Baseball scramble games,
but the NHL does not scramble. Pro and College sports, minor leagues,
Australian Football, World Cup Soccer, Stanley Cup Hockey. Many games with
NO COMMERCIALS. All the Auto Racing that a Car Nut could STAND...

Narrowcast Religious programming from smaller and minority faiths, including
Hindu, 7th Day Adventist (Three Channels), Scientology, and unusual sects of
Christian and non Christian beliefs.

Alternate Political views, even Nazi Programming, since FCC rules do not
apply to satellite broadcasting. Right Wing, Left Wing, Wacky or wonderful,
Satellite TV is the only free thinking broadcasting outlet on the planet.

A talk network devoted to high tech electronics and communications.

New product rollouts and demonstrations designed for distributors and the

Newsworthy and not so newsworthy Press Conferences in their entirety.

Court trials.

Horse and Dog Racing.

Every Lottery drawing in the country LIVE.

Previews of TV shows that may or may not make it to the networks. Regular
Syndicated and network shows feed from the studios without the commercials,
up to a week before the official broadcast, sometimes the final broadcast
gets edited, Satellite viewers see the shows UNCUT.

Six separate channels of PBS programming.

"Other" not too common shows in the British and/or PBS arena can be found.
Shows like Eastenders, Upstairs/Downstairs, and the Bravo Channels "Six
Wives of Henry VIII". Or is it 8 wives of Henry 6th :)

A behind the scenes look at newsroom operations, listen to the reporters
discussing news stories BEFORE they start talking to the regular viewers.
See well known newscasters have tantrums live. During the Russian Coup
Attempt, satellite owners had a 24 hour camera and microphone running on the
roof of a hotel in moscow, and we listened to the scuttlebutt, watched them
track down rumors, and saw them eating their lunch.

Crystal clean uplinks of special events (such as the recent CMA awards)
direct from the event, before commercials are added by the network.

Most of the programming mentioned is unscrambled (Free) and can be picked up
with any satellite system, including one you can put together yourself for
less than $500.


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