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This article is from the Tom Holt FAQ, by Nick Boalch n.g.boalch@durham.ac.uk with numerous contributions by others.

04 - Tom Holt Novels p3

"Here Comes The Sun" (1993)
ISBN 1-857-23125-2 (hb)
ISBN 1-857-23187-2 (pb)

The sun rises late, dirty and so badly in need of a service it's a
wonder it gets up at all. The moon's going to be scrapped soon and a new
one commisioned - but then, they've been saying that for years...

All is not well with the universe, and though there's a hell of a tidying
up job to be organised after some carelessness with earthquakes and tidal
waves, surely it's crazy to get mortals to run the show? Things may be
bad, but isn't that going to extremes?

The irrepressible Tom Holt hits the mark yet again with a dazzling foray
into fantasy ... of the hilarious kind.

"Grailblazers" (1994)
ISBN 1-857-23192-9 (hb)
ISBN 1-857-23191-0 (pb)

'The Holy Grail and the Wholly Inept'

Fifteen hundred years have passed and the Grail is still missing,
presumed ineffable; the Knights have dumped the Quest and now deliver
pizzas; the sinister financial services industry of the lost kingdom of
Atlantis threatens the universe with fiscal Armageddon; while in the
background lurks the dark, brooding, red-caped presence of Father

In other words, Grailmate. Has Prince Boamund of Northgales (Snotty to
friends) woken from his enchanted sleep in time to snatch back the Apron
of Invincibility, overthrow the dark power of the Lord of the Reindeer
and find out exactly what a Grail is? And just who did do the washing-up
after the Last Supper?

Take a thrilling Grailhound bus ride into the wildly improbable with Tom

"Faust Among Equals" (1994)
ISBN 1-857-23265-8 (pb)

'Well I'll be dammed...'

The managment buy-out of Hell, wasn't going quite as well as planned. For
a start, there had been that nasty business with the perjurors, and then
came the news that the Most Wanted Man in History had escaped, and all
just as the plans for the new theme park, Eurobosch, were under way.

But Kurt 'Mad Dog' Lundqvist, the foremost bounty hunter of all time, is
on the case, and he can usually be relied upon to get his man - even when
that man is Lucky George Faustus...

Exuberant, hell-raising comedy from Holt at his inventive best.

"Odds & Gods" (1995)
ISBN 1-857-23266-6 (hb)
ISBN 1-857-23299-2 (pb)
ISBN 0-001-04889-9 (audio casette)

'Odds and Gods - a simply divine comedy'

It's a god's life ... at the Sunnyvoyde Residential Home for retired
deities. Everlasting life can be a real drag when all you've got to look
forward to is cauliflower cheese on Wednesdays.

For a start, there's a major techincal problem with the thousand-year-old
traction engine which has been lovingly restored by those almighty
duffers Thor, Odin and Frey ... the damn thing actually goes.

And then there's Osiris, pushed one tapioca too far by a power-crazy gods
on with friends in very smelly places, and forced to set out on a quest
which will test his wheelchair to the very limits.

Only one thing might save the world from an eternity of chaos ...
dentures. It's true. Honest to god.


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