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01 - Biographical Information (Tom Holt)


This article is from the Tom Holt FAQ, by Nick Boalch n.g.boalch@durham.ac.uk with numerous contributions by others.

01 - Biographical Information (Tom Holt)

Tom Holt (i.e. Thomas Charles Louis Holt) was born in London on the 13th
of September 1961, and studied at Westminster School, Wadham College,
Oxford, and the College of Law. He produced his first book, "Poems by Tom
Holt", at the age of thirteen, and was immediately hailed as an infant
prodigy, to his horror.

At Oxford Holt discovered bar billiards:

When I was at university there was a pool table in the room behind the
bar. We found that if we stuffed newspaper in the pockets, we could play
all day for free. So we did, when we should have been working. The result
of all this indolence was that when we came to take our final exams, the
boys & girls who'd avoided the bar and stayed in the library working like
hell all passed with flying colours; while the rest of us, who'd done
nothing but play pool and have a good time, also passed with flying
colours. So let that be a lesson to you.

At once he changed from poetry to comic fiction, beginning with two sequels
to E. F. Benson's "Lucia" series, and continuing with his own distinctive
brand of comic fantasy in (so far) nineteen books. Among those he has
written two historical novels set in the fifth century BC, the
well-received "Goatsong" and "The Walled Orchard", and has collaborated
with Steven Nallon on "I, Margaret", the (unauthorised) autobiography of
Margaret Thatcher. Among his favourite authors are Damon Runyon, Ernest
Bramah, and P.G. Wodehouse (in that particular order).

Thinner and more cheerful than in his youth, Tom Holt is now married to
Kim, and lives in Somerset together with their daughter. Since he is an
amateur engineer, among those items that bring joy into his life are two
major things: his Myford ML7 and Bridgeport universal mill, and with these
fine lathes he produces (according to himself) huge piles of iron filings.
His interest in music is filk music, medieval music, and classical jazz.
B. de Ventadour, G. d'Ussel and B. Marti (all French) are his three
favourite bards from the 12th century.

And one last startling revelation: Before getting a real job as an author
Tom used to be ... wait for it ... a tax lawyer. No comment by me on this,
but see also section 4.2 ;)


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