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25 Criticising Terry Pratchett on Alt.Fan.Pratchett


This article is from the Pratchett Newsgroups FAQ, by Orin Thomas orin@lspace.org with numerous contributions by others.

25 Criticising Terry Pratchett on Alt.Fan.Pratchett

The following is some quotes that Terry Posted after a mini flame war
erupted through one group of people suggesting that book X was much
worse than book Y and another group of people suggesting "get out of
your tree ... this is AFP ... we don't critisise *him* here".

Note this was from before "The Last Continent" was even a gleam
in Terry's eye.

These are Terry's exact words:

"Oh dear..."

" Let me drop a few things into this quite interesting thread.

"1 I always listen to advice. It's polite.

"2 If I *heeded* all the advice I've had over the years, I've have
written 18 books about Rincewind. Absolutely true. The most
common plea in my mail right now is 'when are we going to read
about Rincewind in XXXX?'

" I'm being instructed that I have a duty to my readers -- if I was
innocent, I'd be attaching corks to that battered pointy hat even
now. But perhaps this is an issue on which I have thought long
and hard. After all, it's my living and ten years of my life.

" If Discworld continues, then old characters will continue --
Rincewind will get red dust in his sandals, the Watch will be back,
Gaspode will probably limp into stories. And new characters will
arise. Why not? It's not as if there are *rules*. What will
probably *end* Discworld is simple crowding -- the Watch already
make Ankh-Morpork based stories a little problematical, and I won't
get into the comic book convention of having Captain Courage out
of town so that Commander Socko can take centre stage.

"3 I wish people wouldn't feel obliged to put in the 'no offence
meant, pterry' rubric. I'm a big boy. I don't take offence easily
at criticism above the 'Moving Pictures is crap' level and can tell
if offence is meant, on the whole. If something *is* offensive, to
me or anyone else, 'NOM,P' is superfluous. As they say elsewhere,
you own your words - in all senses of 'own'.

Anyway, as I've harped before, afp isn't mine. If I log on and
read something I don't like, I have the same options as anyone else
(actually, I probably don't, come to think of it -- but that's my

" I do get embarrassed when people give me a lecture on my duties,
approach to writing, tell me book X isn't a patch on book Y, and
then send me a private email hastening to assure me that 'no
offence is meant'. But I do grin when, after all of this, they
tag on that "it's about time we saw Gaspode again" or they're
waiting for Rincewind's adventures on XXXX..."

- Terry Pratchett

Terry's views are here for all to see. It would be advisable for all
sides to take note. AFP *is* about discussing the books, characters
excetra - how that discussion goes is up to you. Remember though ...
politeness is a virtue.

Terry would also like to point out that anything you post is
"Your Words in EVERY SENSE". They are stored in groups.google and
other places - they are likely to be around a very long time.


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