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21 Pterry on the ptelly (Terry Pratchett)


This article is from the Pratchett Newsgroups FAQ, by Orin Thomas orin@lspace.org with numerous contributions by others.

21 Pterry on the ptelly (Terry Pratchett)

--- The Bromiliad

The film rights to the Bromiliad have been picked up by Dreamworks SKG
- there is a rumour that they will do this CGI like they did Shreck.

--- Good Omens: The Film

A movie about this is in pre-production now. Being filmed in Germany
it is going to be directed by Terry Gilliam. According to Gilliam
the contracts have been signed with Renaissance Films.

--- Truckers Video

There is a video of "Truckers" available. The details are: Thames
Television International, video Collection International VHS TV 8159,
110 minutes, VHS-PAL, price: approx. 8 pounds.

--- Johnny and the Dead

This is also available.

--- The Mort Film

Terry wrote a couple of script drafts which went down well and
everything was looking fine and then the US backers said "Hey, we've
been doing market research in Power Cable, Nebraska, and other
centres of culture, and the Death/skeleton bit doesn't work for us,
it's a bit of a downer, we have a problem with it, so lose the skeleton".
The rest of the consortium said, did you read the script? The Americans
said: sure, we LOVE it, it's GREAT, it's HIGH CONCEPT. Just lose the
Death angle, guys.

Whereupon, Terry is happy to say, they were told to keep on with the
medication and come back in a hundred years. Power Cable Nebraska doesn't
appear to exist BTW. (at least my Encarta 96 Atlas didn't have it!)

Maybe someone wants to go to Nebraska and plant a sign declaring
Lincoln to actually be Power Cable. If there is ever an American
DWCon we should hold it in Nebraska. There is even a place called
Terrytown in Nebraska. Perhaps someone should get a photo of them
selves infront of the sign with a P infront of the T.

--- Soul Music/Wyrd Sisters

Also available on video for those that are interested. Details in the
merchandise FAQ.

--- Terry Pratchett's Borneo Adventure

He also helped out with a wildlife documentary in Borneo on Orang-Utans.
This was recently (May 1995) shown in the United Kingdom and no one really
knows if it is going to be released on video. I heard from the production
company and if there is enough interest it will be.

--- Theatrical Plays

Oxford's Studio Theatre Club went on to stage Stephen's adaptations of
Wyrd Sisters, Mort, Guards! Guards!,Maskerade and Jingo

If you are interested in more information, please E-mail:

Some of these plays are available in book form as well. (see Bib)

--- From the Discworld CD

A mainly instrumental collection written by Dave Greenslade, a friend
of Terry's probably best known for the Pentateuch double album. A
Discworld Theme album.


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