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06 Other internet resources (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)


This article is from the Pratchett Newsgroups FAQ, by Orin Thomas orin@lspace.org with numerous contributions by others.

06 Other internet resources (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)

--- The LSPACE Web

Perhaps the most important development in the last years has been the
setting up of the Lspace web pages. These are essentially an online
library to Pratchett Fandom. There are mirrors at many places around
the world and the sites are updated weekly, if not daily. This is sort
of the "permanent record" of internet pratchettdom. If you log onto the
main server at <http://www.lspace.org/> you should be redirected to your
closest lspace mirror.

Things on the Lspace Web include:

The Annotated Pratchett File

This file explains some of the subtleties of Terry's works. It is
currently at v7.a.5.3 and can be retrieved via anonymous FTP from the
Pratchett Archives. If you've ever gone ... "I know where he got that
from" ... this is the file for *YOU*!

The APF is pretty much the alt.fan.pratchett encyclopedia including
many of the best quotes from Terry on the net over the years. It is
in various formats including Windows Help file format. Reading this
will answer almost any question about the books.

Pratchett Quote File

Another Leo Breebaart production this is a file of all the best of Terry's
quotes from all the books. If you want to look up a quote in a hurry,
or look for something impressive in a .sig file, take a gander
at this one. Now moderated by Kimberley Verburg.

The Discworld Timeline

A highly impressive document suggesting which events followed other
events which might have preceded certain events but only after
particular events which are known to have caused final events.
Available on Lspace.org

Rogues Gallery.

Photos and personal information on some of the Pratchett Newsgroup's
more active denizens. Find out what your favorite posters look like.
The Rouges Gallery is getting a little outdated these days. It is
more representative of the 1996-1997 AFP crowd than today's posters.

Soon will be coming the A-Files - a more current collection of AFPers.

You will also find the words to the "Hedgehog Song" and "A Wizard's Staff"
as well as the rules to Cripple Mr Onion sitting in the Rouges Gallery.

Discworld Monthly.

This excellent resource has been around for many a year now. I'd
advise that you subscribe to it as it keeps you very up to date
on the goings on in the Pratchett Universe. Go to


Where you can enter your email address on a web based form to subscribe.

--- Fan Fiction Mailing List

This gives pratchetteers a chance to write their own stories without
violating the 'don't post your own fiction to AFP' rule. (reasons
for this rule detailed in the NO-NO's section). If you want to get
onto the mailing list send email to:


in the body of the message have the following

subscribe tp_fanfiction Your_Real_Name_Goes_Here

Subscriptions to the mailing list should be sent to

--- AFP Recipes

You can all submit your favourites to the address:


To get an index of the current recipes, send an email to:

recipe-serv@lspace.org with "send index" in the subject line.

This resource also resides at the Lspace Web.

--- irc.lspace.org

As with the Newsgroups try to get a hang of the site by
listening to the conversation for a while instead of barging
in, announcing yourself and pissing everyone else off.
(a sure way to be banned)

--- The Pratchett Archives

Leo Breebaart (leo@lspace.org) maintains an FTP site of Pratchett related
material that is mirrored around the world. The home site is:


It is mirrored by

<ftp://ftp.au.lspace.org/Mirror/pratchett> (AU)

This FAQ, the Annotated Pratchett, the bibliographic information,
rules for Cripple Mr Onion, lyrics to the Hedgehog Song, and JPGs of
all the covers are kept on these sites.

--- The Merchandise FAQ

Circulated by Vixen this contains lists of Pratchettesque
items that are available from various suppliers. Includes Web sites
for International Bookshops, mailing addresses for Clarecraft and where
to get the Album.

--- The 'Terry Pratchett Bibliography'

This contains ISBN numbers, titles and blurbs for all TP's books. It is
available at the pratchett archives and maintained by ppint.

This is posted around the first of every month to alt.fan.pratchett,
alt.fan.pratchett.annouce alt.answers and news.answers.


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