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21 Sherlock Holmes Lit-Crit/Non-Fiction K-P


This article is from the Holmes Booklist FAQ, by Evelyn C. Leeper evelynleeper@geocities.com with numerous contributions by others.

21 Sherlock Holmes Lit-Crit/Non-Fiction K-P

Kean, Michael: Sherlock Holmes Vintage and Spirited (LIT)
Keating, H. R. F.: Sherlock Holmes, the Man and His World (LIT)
Keddie, James, Jr.: Second Cab, The (LIT)
Keefauver, Brad: Elementary Methods of Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
Keefauver, Brad: Sherlock and the Ladies (LIT)
Kelley, Gordon: Sherlock Holmes, Screen and Sound Guide (CIN)
Kellogg, Prof. Richard: Sherlock Holmes and the Origins of Psychology
Kendrick, Stephen: Holy Clues, The Gospel According To Sherlock Holmes
Kennedy, Bruce, ed.: Four Wheels to Baker Street (LIT)
Kennedy, Bruce: Mycroft (LIT)
Kestner, Joseph A.: Sherlock's Men: Masculinity, Conan Doyle And
Cultural History (LIT)
Kimball, Elliot: Watsoniana (LIT)
Klinefelter, Walter: Origins of Sherlock Holmes. The (LIT)
Klinefelter, Walter: Sherlock Holmes in Portrait & Profile (CIN)
Knox, Ronald A.: "Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes" (in
Kobayashi, Tsukasa et al: Sherlock Holmes's London (LIT)
Lachtman, Howard: Sherlock Slept Here (LIT)
Lauritzen, Henry: My Dear Watson (LIT)
Ledgard, H.: Elementary Basic (by Dr. Watson) (MATH)
Ledgard, H.: Elementary Pascal (by Dr. Watson) (MATH)
Ledgard, H.: From Baker Street to Binary (by Dr. Watson) (MATH)
Lellenberg, Jon L., ed.: Quest for Sir A. C. Doyle (LIT)
Lester, Paul: Sherlock Holmes in Birmingham (LIT)
Lester, Paul: Sherlock Holmes In The Midlands (LIT)
Liebow, Ely: August Harvest (LIT)
Liebow, Ely: Dr. Joe Bell, Model for Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Lipari, Paul: Baker Street Companion, The (LIT)
Litzinger, Herman Anthony: Traveling with Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Lovisi, Gary: Relics of Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Lovisi, Gary: Sherlock Holmes--the Great Detective in Paperback (LIT)
Magico Magazine: Reflections on a Scandal in Bohemia (LIT)
Malec, Andrew: Molding the Image (CIN)
Manners, Terry: The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes, The Tortured Mind
Of Jeremy Brett (CIN)
Mattes, Kate: "Sherlock at His Best" (GBH Dec 88) (LIT)
McKee, Wilbur K.: Sherlock Holmes is Mr. Pickwick (LIT)
McQueen, Ian: Sherlock Holmes Detected (LIT)
Merrill, Edward A.: For the Sake of the Trust (LIT)
Merriman, Charles O.: A Tourist Guide to the London of Sherlock Holmes
Mills, Charles A.: Sherlock Holmes Cookbook (LIT)
Mills, Charles Albert: The Sherlock Holmes Book Of Wines And Spirits
Milne, A.A.: By Way Of Introduction (LIT)
Mitchelson, Austin: The Baker Street Irregular (LIT)
Montgomery, James: Case of Identity, A (LIT)
Montgomery, James: Montgomery's Christmas Annuals: Volumes 1 - 5 (LIT)
Montgomery, James: Study in Pictures, A (LIT)
Montgomery, John Warwick: The Transcendent Holmes (LIT)
Morley, Christopher: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: A Textbook of
Friendship (LIT)
Morley, Christopher: Standard Doyle Company, The (ed. S. Rothman)
Nielsen, Bjarne: I Hear of Sherlock Holmes Everywhere (LIT)
Nieminski, John et al: Dear Starrett/Dear Briggs (LIT)
Nordon, Pierre: Conan Doyle: A Biography (LIT)
Nown, Graham: Elementary My Dear Watson (LIT)
Olyunin, Rotislav: "Sherlock Holmes in Russia" (Sputnik Dec 68) (LIT)
Orel, Harold, ed.: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Interviews and Reflections
Park, Orlando: Sherlock Holmes Encyclopedia, The (LIT)
Paul, Robert S.: Whatever Happened To Sherlock Holmes: Detective
Fiction, Popular Theology, And Society (LIT)
Payne, David S.: Myth and Modern Man in Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Pearsall, Ronald: Conan Doyle: A Biographical Solution (LIT)
Pearson, Heskith: Conan Doyle (LIT)
Peck, Andrew Jay, ed.: Commonplace Book, The (LIT)
Penzler, Otto: Private Life of Private Eyes, The (LIT)
Pohle, Robert W., Jr.: Sherlock Holmes on the Screen (CIN)
Pointer, Michael: Pictorial History of S. Holmes, The (LIT)
Pointer, Michael: Public Life of Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
Pointer, Michael: Sherlock Holmes File, The (LIT)
Powell, Martin et al: Scarlet in Gaslight (LIT)


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