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26 Credits (Fantasy Authors List)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

26 Credits (Fantasy Authors List)

Many people made suggestions and offered aid and comfort in the
creation of this list. Many thanks to everyone who sent me lists
of their favorite Recommended Authors, and if any of you read
any *new* authors you want to recommend, let me know.

Three cheers for:

Jonathan Yen - who has almost as many books on his
recommendation list as I do

Donal Fellows - ruler of the Eddings home page (as well as all
that he surveys). View it (and this list too!) at:

Special thanks to all of the following, who helped to fill in
the blanks, suggested new authors to add to the list, and/or
sent me Real Nice Mail:
Tim Abicht (Eriond), Henry Andrews, Corinne Aragaki, Denis
Aumueller, Krista Babstock, Zachary Mitch Binder, Elizabeth
Blatt, Fredrik Blom, Doug Bowles, Jan Erik Breimo, Daphne
Brinkerhoff, Edward Buckley, Andy Carlson, Simon Challands,
Steve Christensen, Stephen Clark, Stevie Clifford (a.k.a.
Gaspode Wannabe), Cyradis, Amy Darke, Nathan Daniel,
Jessika Diamond, Asher Dunn, Matthew Dworkin, Richard
Faircloth, Paul Farris, Donal Fellows, Michael Crist
Ferguson, Maria Fox, David Geelan, Kevin Green, Jo Harrold,
Clint Hauser, Simon Hogley, Genevieve Hoog, Ironczar, Jani
Joki, Glynne Jones, Mark Allen Jones, Scott Kessler, Gerard
Kilgallon, Derrek Kirk, Michael X. Koon, Jim Lahue, Glynis
Long, Mike Loux, Dwayne MacKinnon, Peter Maranci, Beth
Martin, Craig Meyer, Naomi, Barry Nelson, Ray Pugh, Tarja
Rainio, Ronan, Leigh Rooney, Kevin Roose, Steve Sams,
Heather Sexauer, Joe "Uno" Shaw, Eric Siebert, Martin
Slade, Dean Smith, Lars H. Tombre, Garry Turkington, Luke
Vaughn, Michael van Acken, B.J. van Look, Elaine Walker,
Wardley the Wizzy, Brett Whinnen, Adam Wick, Pamela Wolff,
Theresa Yoder

The listing was created and is maintained by Amy Sheldon.
Permission to reproduce this material for non-profit purposes is
freely granted, however it would be really nice if you asked
first. Not only can I then make sure that you have the latest
version, I'll also have the chance to be tremendously flattered
that someone actually wants this list. Any corrections, comments
or questions should be sent to:


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