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20 Fantasy Authors List (W)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

20 Fantasy Authors List (W)

Lawrence Watt-Evans (b. 1954)

"The Lords of Dus" - The Lure of the Basilisk; The Seven
Altars of Dusarra; The Sword of Bheleu; The Book of
"This is a limited series, and should be read in

"Ethshar series" - The Misenchanted Sword; With a Single
Spell; The Unwilling Warlord; Blood of a Dragon; Taking
Flight; The Spell of the Black Dagger
"Open-ended series. I'm told that the Ethshar books
are standalones and can be read in any order. The
above is the order they were published in.

**Margaret Weis (b. 1948) & Tracy Hickman (b. 1955)

"Dragonlance Chronicles" - Dragons of Autumn Twilight;
Dragons of Winter Night; Dragons of Spring Dawning
"The series that turned TSR into from a gaming
company that published tie-ins to a real publisher.
Still in print, and still selling well.

"Dragonlance Legends" - Time of the Twins; War of the
Twins; Test of the Twins
"EVERYONE who recommended these books included a
warning that other Dragonlance books by other
authors should be avoided. There is also a book of
short stories titled "Dragonlance: The Second
Generation". All but two of the stories are reprints
from other Dragonlance collections.

"Dragonlance Chronicles IV" - Dragons of the Summer Flame
"They're baaaaack. Weis & Hickman return to the
world of Dragonlance with a new novel that takes the
characters and stories from the novella collection
"Dragonlance: The Second Generation" and continues
onward ever onward with them.

"More Dragonlance Books (by Weis & Don Perrin)" - The Doom
""A tale of two enemies - dwarves and draconians -
and how they must cooperate to survive a bitter
war." Presumably this takes place before the events
of "Summer Flame"

"Darksword Trilogy" - Forging the Darksword; Doom of the
Darksword; Triumph of the Darksword
"A non-Dragonlance limited series. Denis doesn't
like this particular series.

"More Darksword books" - Legacy of the Darksword
"Weis and Hickman return to the world of the

"Rose of the Prophet Trilogy" - The Will of the Wanderer;
The Paladin of the Night; The Prophet of Akhran
"The Epic Tale of the Great War of the Gods!

"Death Gate Cycle" - Dragon Wing; Elven Star; Fire Sea;
Serpent Mage; The Hand of Chaos; Into the Labyrinth; The
Seventh Gate
"This is a limited series - be sure and have all
seven books, and read 'em in order.

"Starshield series" - The Mantle of Kendis-Dai; Nightsword
(forthcoming May '98)

"A new series begins - 'Civilization is on the brink
of extinction...A legendary relic holds the key to
salvation...A quest to a world of magic, mystery,
and madness is the only solution!'

Angus Wells (b. 1943)

"The Kingdoms" - Wrath of Ashar; The Usurper; The Way
"Wells' first fantasy triology under his own name.

"Godwars" - Forbidden Magic; Dark Magic; Wild Magic
""Kingdoms" and "Godwars" are not related to each
other or to his most recent novel. Richard likes
"Godwars," but Michael prefers "The Kingdoms"
trilogy (Richard asks me to point out that he hasn't
read "The Kingdoms" yet, which makes it difficult
for him to compare them)

Lords of the Sky
"To quote Carolyn Cushman of "Locus" magazine: "For
once, a sprawling medieval fantasy epic that's self-

"Exiles series" - Exile's Children; Exile's Challenge
"Completists should note that Angus Wells co-
authored (along with Robert Holdstock) a series in
the late '70's under the name 'Richard Kirk' about
Raven, the Swordmistress of Chaos

T.H. White (1906-1964)

The Once and Future King
"THE classic retelling of the Arthur legend. And,
yeah, it's the source of both Disney's "The Sword in
the Stone" and Lerner & Lowe's "Camelot". The
original quartet of novels are being reprinted in

Mistress Masham's Repose
"Did you ever wonder what happened to those
Lilliputians that followed Gulliver back to

**Tad Williams (b. 1957)

Tailchaser's Song
"Williams' first fantasy novel - Tailchaser is a

"Memory, Sorrow & Thorn" - The Dragonbone Chair; Stone of
Farewell; To Green Angel Tower
"At first glance, very similar to "The Belgariad"-
immature-boy-grows-to-fill-heroic-role. Williams'
vision is a bit darker, however, and the secondary
characters get a lot more fleshing out. Slow moving
at points, but worth your time. Paperback version of
"To Green Angel Tower" is published in two volumes.

Child of an Ancient City (with Nina Kiriki Hoffman)

"Stand-alone young adult novel.

Caliban's Hour
"Takes up where Shakespeare left off. Caliban shows
up years later to take his revenge on Miranda.
Williams' next will be a 4-volume SF series with the
overall title of "OTHERLAND." According to Katharine
Kerr, he has 'sworn a mighty vow that he'll never
write about Osten Ard [the world of "MS&T"] again'.

Gene Wolfe (b. 1931)

"The Book of the New Sun" - The Shadow of the Torturer; The
Claw of the Conciliator; The Sword of the Lictor; The
Citadel of the Autarch
"This is a single novel broken into four parts.
Intricate and ambitious, it takes place on a Dying
Earth and follows the complex destiny of Severian.

The Urth of the New Sun
"A sequel to "The Book of the New Sun".

"The Soldier series" - Soldier of the Mist; Soldier of
"These novels are about Latro, a warrior in a land
similar to Classical Greece who has a peculiar form
of amnesia. One recommender noted that these are a
bit more accessible than the New Sun books.

Patricia Wrede (b. 1953)

Snow White and Rose Red
"Retelling of the classic fairytale, set in
Elizabethan England. Part of the very highly
regarded 'Fairy Tale' series

"Lyra series" - Shadow Magic; Daughter of Witches; The Harp
of Imach Thyssel; Caught in Crystal; The Raven Ring
"Open-ended series (the books truly are stand-alone
and can be read in any order) set in a world of many
different cultures and religions, as well as three
non-human races. The first three books are being
reprinted by Tor in an omnibus edition titled
'Shadows Over Lyra'.

The Seven Towers
"A standalone, unrelated to her other series.

"The Enchanted Forest Chronicles" - Dealing with Dragons;
Searching for Dragons; Calling on Dragons; Talking to
"Open-ended series that has a lot of fun with usual
fairytale conventions. You'll find it in the young
adult section. I especially recommend this to anyone
who is looking for books for adolescent girls (and
then be sure to read it yourself).

"Mairelon series" - Mairelon the Magician; Magician's Ward
"Set in an alternate England where magic works, lots
of intrigue. Setting is related to the one in
Stevermer's books.

*Janny Wurts (b. 1953)

Sorcerer's Legacy
"Early standalone, first published in 1982 (it may
be her first published work). Good luck in trying to
find it.

"The Cycle of Fire" - Stormwarden; Keeper of the Keys;
"Her first trilogy. This was recently reprinted and
should be widely available

The Master of the White Storm
"A standalone.

"The Wars of Light and Shadow" - The Curse of the
Mistwraith; The Ships of Merior; Warhost of Vastmark
(NOTE: U.S. hardcover edition of 'The Ships of Merior'
INCLUDES 'Warhost of Vastmark' - the paperback edition
is two separate books); The Fugitive Prince; Grand
Conspiracy (forthcoming Oct. '98); Stormed Fortress
(forthcoming Oct. '99)

"Best known for her collaboration with Raymond Feist
on the "Empire series" and her paintings, Wurts is
a fine author in her own right.

That Way Lies Camelot
"Short story collection.

Jonathan Wylie
"Servants of the Ark" - The First Named; The Centre of the
Circle; The Mage-Born Child
"Wylie is a pseudonym for Mark (b. 1952) and Julia
(b. 1955) Smith (and "Shadowmaze" was published in
the U.S. under their real names).

"The Unbalanced Earth" - Dreams of Stone; The Lightless
Kingdom; The Age of Chaos
"'Servants' and 'Unbalanced Earth' are loosely
related, with the events of 'Servants' coming first.
These two trilogies were published in the U.S. by
Bantam, but are currently out of print.

"Stand-alone. Wylie has written one other stand-
alone ("Shadowmaze") which is NOT recommended.

"Island and Empire trilogy" - Dark Fire; Echoes of Flame;
The Last Augury
"One recommender considers this trilogy the best of
the three. It is the story of a tiny island's fight
for independence from the cruel Xantic Empire. This
work hasn't found a U.S. publisher yet (so far as I
can find), so most of us are going to have to hunt
for these. Thanks to Tarja for getting me the titles
in this trilogy

Other Lands
"Stand-alone. This came out in Britain in June '95,
and isn't out in the U.S. "A comatose Michael Glover
somehow calls to his lover for help, and to save him
she must break through to another, fantastic

Across the Flame
"A woman is confronted by a figure in a medieval

"Set in a contemporary world where magic is an just
another talent.


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