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02 Fantasy Authors List (A)


This article is from the Recommended Fantasy Authors FAQ, by Amy Sheldon amy.sheldon@sff.net with numerous contributions by others.

02 Fantasy Authors List (A)

Lloyd Alexander (b. 1924)

"Prydain Chronicles" - The Book of Three; The Black
Cauldron; The Castle of Llyr; Taran Wanderer; The High
"Who cares if you have to get them from the
children's section of your library - these are
great. A young boy of unknown heritage becomes
involved in a clash between the forces of good and
evil. Loosely based on the Welsh Mabinogin. There
are also two or three short story collections out
featuring tales about the characters from the
Chronicles. Classic series, the concluding volume
won the Newbery medal.

"Westmark Trilogy" - Westmark; The Kestrel; The Beggar
"Less fantasy than the Prydain Chronicles. "The
Kestrel" in particular brings up the issue of
personal morality in war situations, and it doesn't
give any easy answers.

"Vesper Holly series" - The Illyrian Adventure; The El
Dorado Adventure; The Drackenberg Adventure; The Jedera
Adventure; The Philadelphia Adventure
"Young adult adventure series set in an alternate
world during Victorian times. The hero is a teen-
aged female version of Indiana Jones, and the series
is great fun.

*Piers Anthony (b. 1934)

"Kelvin of Rud" - Dragon's Gold; Serpent's Silver;
Chimaera's Copper; Orc's Opal; Mouvar's Magic
"Straight adventure-fantasy.

"Xanth" - A Spell for Chameleon; The Source of Magic;
Castle Roogna; etc. etc. etc.
"Humorous. First couple of books are recommended,
but it has descended into terminal cuteness and
virtual unreadability. Denis managed to enjoy the
first 15, but even he admits that it's getting
pretty bad now. Series is nearing the 20-book mark.

"Apprentice Adept" - Split Infinity; The Blue Adept;
"Takes place in two different universes, one magic
and one not. Anthony returned to this world with a
second trilogy that is NOT recommended.

"Incarnations of Immortality" - On a Pale Horse; Bearing an
Hourglass; With a Tangled Skein; Wielding a Red Sword;
Being a Green Mother; For Love of Evil; And Eternity
"There is a general, overall theme, but each book
does stand on its own. NOT humorous. Recommenders
agree that the first book, "On a Pale Horse," is the
best (the usual state of affairs in a series written
by Piers Anthony).

*Robert Asprin (b. 1946)

"Myth series" - Another Fine Myth; Myth Conceptions; Myth
Directions; Hit or Myth; Myth-ing Persons; Little Myth
Marker; M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link; Myth-nomers and
Impervections; M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action; Sweet Myth-tery
of Life; Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. (forthcoming someday,
but don't expect it any time soon)

"Humorous. Lotsa puns, lotsa slapstick. Like most
long-running series, the recent offerings have been
pretty weak. He also has an SF series, "Phule's
Company," which also runs along the punny/humor

"Thieves World" - Thieves World; Tales From the Vulgar
Unicorn; Shadows of Sanctuary; Storm Season; The Face
of Chaos; Wings of Omen; many others
"Shared World series with various authors, Asprin is
originator. Notable as the first series created
specifically to be a Shared World. Most of the
stories aim for a feeling of gritty realism
(translation: dark and depressing). The series seems
to have topped out at 12 books.


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