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3. Biblio (Kim Stanley Robinson)


This article is from the Kim Stanley Robinson FAQ, by Jeandré with numerous contributions by others.

3. Biblio (Kim Stanley Robinson)

The following lists KSRs' novels and short stories. Short stories are
listed only once and with the following collection priority: 1: The planet
on the table, 2: Remaking history and other stories, 3: Down and out in the
year 2000.
* 1976 "In Pierson's orchestra"
* 1979 Sense and science
* 1984 The novels of Philip K. Dick
* 1984 Icehenge: 1980 "On the north pole of Pluto", 1982 "To leave a
* 1984 The wild shore (Three Californias) (Hugo award and Nebula award
* 1985 The memory of whiteness
* 1986 The planet on the table: 1981 "Venice drowned", 1983 "Stone
eggs", 1984 "Ridge running", 1985 "Mercurial", 1984 "The lucky strike",
1977 "The disguise", 1976 "Coming back to Dixieland", 1983 "Black air"
(Asimov, John W. Campbell, Locus, and World fantasy awards)
* 1987 "The memorial"
* 1988 The gold coast (Three Californias)
* 1989 Escape from Kathmandu: 1986 "Escape from Kathmandu", 1989 "The
true nature of Shangri-La", 1987 "Mother Goddess of the world", 1989 "The
kingdom underground"
* 1990 Pacific edge (Three Californias)
* 1992 Down and out in the year 2000: 1986 "The blind geometer" (Nebula
award), 1990 "A short, sharp shock"
* 1992 "I go to Mars"
* 1992 Red Mars (book 1 of the Mars trilogy)
* 1994 Remaking history and other stories: 1988 "The part of us that
loves" revised, 1990 "The translator", 1989 "Before I wake", 1991 "A
history of the twentieth century, with illustrations", 1988 "Remaking
history", 1991 "Vinland the dream", 1987 "The return from Rainbow Bridge",
1991 "Muir on Shasta", 1988 "Glacier", 1991 "A sensitive dependence on
initial conditions", 1986 "Down and out in the year 2000", 1986 "Our town",
1986 "A transect", 1988 "The lunatics", 1990 "Zürich"
* 1994 "A Martian childhood"
* 1994 Green Mars (book 2 of the Mars trilogy) (Hugo award)
* 1996 Blue Mars (book 3 of the Mars trilogy)
* 1996 "The psychic landscape"
* 1997 Antarctica
* 1999 The Martians: "Michel in Antarctica", 1982 "Exploring Fossil
Canyon", "The Archaea plot", "The way the land spoke to us", "Maya and
Desmond", "Four teleological trails", "Coyote makes trouble", "Michel in
Provence", 1985 "Green Mars", "Arthur Sternbach brings the curveball to
Mars", "Salt and fresh", "The constitution of Mars", "Some worknotes and
commentary on the constitution, by Charlotte Dorsa Brevia", "Jackie and
Zo", "Keeping the flame", "Saving Noctis dam", "Big Man in love", "An
argument for the deployment of all safe terraforming technologies",
"Selected abstracts from The journal of Areological studies, vols.56-64",
"Odessa", "Sexual dimorphism", "Enough is as good as a feast", "What
matters", "Coyote remembers", "Sax moments", "A Martian romance", "If Wang
Wei lived on Mars", "Purple Mars"
* 2002 Road from Samakand (hard: 2002-02-04) aka A world without Europe
(paperback: 2003-01-05)
* unkn The Martian companion


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