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01 American Journal of Anthropomorphics (Furry zines)


This article is from the Zoomorphic Publications FAQ, by Felyne32k elyne32k@softhome.net with numerous contributions by others.

01 American Journal of Anthropomorphics (Furry zines)

{15 July 2001}
Physical Address: The American Journal of Anthropomorphics
Med Systems / Vision Entertainment, Ltd.
Post Office Box 5800009, Station "A"
New York NY 11358-0009

Web Address: www.vision.nais.com or

Editor: Darrell Benvenuto
Email: contact@vision.nais.com

Type: Industry Black Book

Price: $10.00 USD
Backissues: All back issues still available
Frequency: Annual

Subscriptions: Not available

Size: 8.5 x 11"
Format: Perfect-bound

Content: Images
Rating: "G" Preferred, up to "PG" Accepted

Membership Requirements: Acceptance by Committee

Submission Guidelines: Those desiring to submit work to the
AJA need to request a submission pack. This pack contains
instructions for submitting, together with a contract that
protects the rights of the artist.
An online submission system is planned to be available
in 2001. Information on this is available on the company Web

Compensation: Artists whose work is chosen to appear each receive
10 complimentary copies of the AJA, which is equal to $100 in
table sales. Additional copies (up to 100) can be purchased from
the company by artists for 50% off the cover price.

Notes: The American Journal of Anthropomorphics is one of the most
well-established and professional publications to ever arise from
the fandom. Its pages have always been graced with the best and
brightest of the artists in the genre, and as it continues into
the new millenium, the Journal is expected to remain in the
forefront, and eagerly received by its fandom.
The AJA is unique in that it is simultaneously a book -and-
a magazine, possessing both ISBN and ISSN numbers. Copies can be
purchased in any book store in the world that orders through
either INGRAM or Baker & Taylor (the two largest book distributors
in the world). As part of the Journal's overall promotional
effort, copies of this book are sent out to advertising agencies,
package design companies and graphic art houses, helping to
generate commissions and income for its featured artists. Unlike
most Industry Black Books that charge artists hundreds or
thousands of dollars per page to have their work featured in such
a fashion, appearance in the AJA is free to its contributing artists.

Contributors: Very long list. See website.


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