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3.1 Audio Tapes & CDs (Douglas Adams)


This article is from the Douglas Adams FAQ, by Nathan Hughes nhughes@umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

3.1 Audio Tapes & CDs (Douglas Adams)

In the U.K., the place to start looking is any record or book shop!
You really shouldn't have too many problems finding the material -
if so, you could try the BBC contact information given above.

The series is available in the UK in three formats. Record shops order by
catalogue number, book shops order by ISBN:

6 CD set : BBCCD6001, ISBN 0 563 22615 3, approx. 40 GBP
6 tape set : ZBBC1035, ISBN 0 563 22560 2, approx. 26 GBP
or, as two separate double-tape sets:
"The Primary Phase" (Fits 1 - 6) : ZBBC1499, ISBN 0 563 40182 6, GBP 8.99
"The Secondary Phase" (Fits 7 - 12) : ZBBC1500, ISBN 0 563 40183 4, GBP 8.99

In the U.S., the audio tapes of the radio series can be found at:

The Mind's Eye
4 Commercial Blvd
Novato, CA 94949

Audio tapes of Stephen Moore (the voice of Marvin, of course) reading the
text of the first four Hitch Hiker books were available through EMI Records
Ltd in the early 80's. They are double cassette sets, each about 2.5 hours,
and abridged fairly sensibly.

Published by Music For Pleasure Ltd.

The Hitch-hikers Guide To The Galaxy Cat. No: LFP 7088

The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe Cat. No: LFP 41 7115 5

Life, The Universe And Everything Cat. No: LFP 41 7174 5

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish Cat. No: LFP 41 7208 4

The Time Warner Audiobook release of the Hitch Hiker's Guide, billed as
an abridged book series but actually the radio series (without the Pink Floyd
reference) in disguise, is now available. These versions appear to be
exactly the same as the CD/cassette version available in the UK, apart
from the packaging. These should be available at most of the bigger bookstores,
or you can call T/W themselves for it. It's a full cast with sound effects
and musical score you'll recognize from the original radio series/tv show
(because it is the original radio series...), and quite a good time. But best
of all... Peter Jones, as the book.

Title: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Author: Douglas Adams
Price: US $25.00 (cass.), $65.00 (cd)
CAN $33.00 (cass.), $85.00 (cd)
UK 26 GBP (cass.), 40 GBP (cd)
Publisher: TWAB, licensed from BBC Enterprises
# cass/CDs: 4/6
Running Time: 6 hours
ISBN: 1-57042-126-9 (cass)
1-57042-155-2 (cd)
Phone#: 1-800-830-8088

Dove Audio has 4-tape unabridged Hitch Hiker's Audio Books, read by
Douglas Adams, available. The information is:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ISBN 1-5580-273-1
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe ISBN 1-5580-294-4
Life The Universe and Everything ISBN 1-5580-292-8
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish ISBN 1-5580-293-6
Mostly Harmless ISBN 1-5580-568-4

Last I heard, Dove Audio can be reached at:

301 North Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

An album consisting of two 90 min audio cassettes of "Dirk Gently's holistic
detective agency" is available. The information I could gather:

Simon & Schuster Audio Division:

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency; Read by the author Douglas Adams;
Runing time 180 min; ISBN 0-671-64724-5

Audio Works
Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Rockefeller Center
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, N. Y. 10020

Shockwave Distribution offers a 60 minute tape which includes an interview
with DNA. Details from David E. Romm (Grand High Puba):

"Reviews of Writing Software/Dave Romm Interviews: Douglas Adams" Broadcast
2/5/94, Side one features reviews of creative writing tools for the Macintosh,
and a Roger Zelazny story about the computer he uses for writing. Broadcast
11/9/93, Side 2 features the creator of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy'
talking about his latest book, his Newton, time zones, and more.

Availability: "First one's free"
These are not for sale. However, Shockwave is a non-profit effort and all
expenses for these tapes come out of my pocket. I will gladly give you one
tape, if it's in person and I can just hand you one and watch your expression.
After the first one, or any by mail, I ask for a donation of $5 to cover my

Unless you make other arrangements, all tapes are standard Type I, duplicated at
2x speed on my double cassette deck.

Shockwave is the longest running science fiction radio program in Earth's
history, now in its 15th year. Broadcast Saturdays at 6pm on KFAI, 90.3FM,
Mpls-St. Paul MN.

Produced by:
David E Romm
3308 Stevens Ave. S
Mpls, MN/ 55408
e-mail 71443.1447@compuserve.com

The Audiobook Source, a World Wide Web bookstore, offers a selection
of Douglas Adams Audiobooks at discount prices. Check out their site


Or contact Charles Cowley: absource@pipeline.com
voice: (800) HEAR-IT-9
FAX: (914) 232-4678

I've talked to the fellow, he's a great guy who'll be glad to answer
any questions you may have.

All five books of the trilogy are available as 'talking books', read by
the author. Check your local bookstore.


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