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14 Non-fiction and research (Arthurian Booklist) N-Z


This article is from the Arthurian Booklist FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore tittle@io.com with numerous contributions by others.

14 Non-fiction and research (Arthurian Booklist) N-Z

Nitze, William Albert, Arthurian romance and modern poetry and music
(Chicago, Ill., The University of Chicago Press [c1940]).

Phillips, Graham and Martin Keatman, King Arthur: The True Story
(Trafalgar Square, North Pomfret, Vermont 05043 c1994). Recounting the
accounts left by Bede, Gildas, Nennius, and Geoffry of Monmouth.
Tidbits on origins of characters such as Galahad, Lancelot, Percival
and Guinevere. Descriptions of the author's conclusions about the
original Camelot, Arthur's burial place, etc. Good reading.

Phillips, Graham. The Search for the Grail. First published by Century
in the UK 1995. ISBN 071-26-7533-7.

Pickford, Cedric Edward, Rex Last and Christine R. Barker, eds., The
Arthurian Bibliography (Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] : D.S. Brewer ;
Totowa, N.J. : Biblio, -1983).

Ratcliffe, Eric, The Great Arthurian Timeslip (Stevenage and Bungay
[Eng.] : ORE, 1978).

Ravenscroft, Trevor. The Cup of Destiny. An interpretation of
Eschenbach's Parsifal and interesting reading.

Reid, Margaret Jane Cornfute, The Arthurian Legend (Edinburgh [etc.]
Oliver and Boyd [1938]).

Ritson, Joseph, The life of King Arthur: from ancient historians and
authentic documents (London, Payne and Foss [etc.] 1825).

Robinson, Joseph Armitage, Two Glastonbury legends: King Arthur and
St. Joseph of Arimathea (Cambridge [Eng.] The University Press, 1926).

Saklatvala, Beram, Arthur, Roman Britain's Last Champion (Newton
Abbot: David & Charles, 1971.) An unconventional study of King Arthur.

Scherer, Margaret Roseman, About the Round Table, (New York, 1945).

Simpson, Roger, Camelot Revisited: The Athurian Revival and Tennyson,
1800-1849 ISBN: 0-85991-300-7. A study of the interest in Arthurian
literature in the early part of the nineteenth century. There is a
complete bibliography of early 19th-century Arthurian poetry, drama,
and prose fiction together with catalogues of paintings and
illustrated books.

Skene, William Forbes, author; Derek Bryce, ed., Arthur and the
Britons in Wales and Scotland (Lampeter [Wales] : Llanerch
Enterprises, c1988).

Slocum, Sally K. ed. Popular Arthurian Traditions. Bowling Green:
Bowling Green State U, 1992.

Spivak, Charlotte. Merlin's Daughters: Contemporary Women Writers of
Fantasy. Westport: Greenwood P, 1987.

Squire, Charles. Mythology of the Celtic People. (Bracken Books).

Starr, Nathan Comfort, King Arthur today; the Arthurian legend in
English and American Literature, 1901-1953, (Gainesville, University
of Florida Press 1954).

Stewart, R.J., ed. The Book of Merlyn- Insights from the Merlin
conference. Based on proceedings of London conference held June, 1986.
Blandford Press, London. Originally published in hardback in the UK,
1987. Merlin as the central theme, conference ranged over history,
legend, drama, psychology, story-telling, music, folklore, etc. ISBN

Surtees, Scott Frederick, Merlin and Arthur, ([Hertford, S. Austin and
sons, printers], 1871).

Taylor, Beverly and Elisabeth Brewer, The Return of King Arthur (DS
Brewer, Cambridge, 1983.) Contains an extensive bibliography in the

Thompson, Raymond, The Return From Avalon (Greenwood, Westport, 1985).
This is an excellent recent study of modern Arthurian literature.

Tolstoy, Nikolai, The Quest for Merlin (Little, Brown, 1985. ISBN

Treharne, R. F. (Reginald Francis), The Glastonbury legends: Joseph of
Arimathea, the Holy Grail and King Arthur, (London, Cresset P., 1967).

Trevelyan, Marie, The Land of Arthur, its Heroes and Heroines,
(London, J. Hogg [pref. 1895]).

Vinaver, Eugene, King Arthur's sword; or, The making of a medieval
romance, (Manchester, Eng., John Rylands Library and the Manchester
University Press, 1958).

Vinaver, Eugene, Malory ([1st ed.], reprinted with a new preface.
London, Clarendon P., 1970).

Warner, Sylvia Townsend. T. H. White. New York: Viking Press, 1968.

Whitaker, Muriel. The Legends of King Arthur in Art. ISBN
0-85991-306-6. This is a study of works of art inspired by legends of
King Arthur and his knights and produced over a period of nine
centuries in Europe and North America. It covers illuminated
manuscripts, printed books, sculpture, pavements, all paintings, easel
paintings, etc.

Whitehead, John, Guardian of the Grail, a new light on the Arthurian
legend, ([London] Jarrolds [1959]).

Wildman, S. G. The Black Horses, English Inns and King Arthur (London:
John Baker, 1971).

Williams, Charles and C.S. Lewis, Arthurian Torso. Two long essays.
The first, by Williams, is a lengthy history of the development of the
Arthurian legend, discussing the entry of the various great themes
(i.e., courtly love, the Grail, etc.) and how it affected the legend
that had existed to that point. The second, by Lewis, is an
indispensible guide to Williams' own Arthurian poems (cited in the
Poetry section). These essays, along with William's poems, can be
found in trade paperback from Eerdmans' Press, Grand Rapids.

Williams, Gwyn A. Excalibur - The Search for Arthur. Barnes & Noble by
arrangement with BBC Books, 1994 ISBN 1-56619-694-9.

Wood, Michael. In Search of the Dark Ages. (Facts On File
Publications, 1987) The guy who brought you In Search of the Trojan
War does a comfortable job on Arthur with some insights over thirty

Zaddy, Z. P. Chretien Studies. Glasgow: U of Glasgow P, 1973, 1 - 71.


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