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10 Non-fiction and research (Arthurian Booklist) A-B


This article is from the Arthurian Booklist FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore tittle@io.com with numerous contributions by others.

10 Non-fiction and research (Arthurian Booklist) A-B

"Bulletin of Bibliography" (July-Sept. 1981, 38(3):128-138,149).
Contains an Arthurian bibliography.

Modern language association of America, A bibliography of critical
Arthurian literature (New York City).

Modern Language Association of America. Arthurian Group. A
bibliography of Arthurian critical literature (v.1-2; 1922/29-1930/35,
New York).

The Fall of Camelot (by the editors of Time-Life Books, Time-Life
Books, Alexandria, VA [USA], 1986).

Alcock, Leslie, Arthur's Britain (Penguin Press, 1971). Documentary
evidence of King Arthur's historical existence. Alcock has also
published much work concerning archaelogical excavations of
Glastonbury (speculated site of Camelot).

Allen, Philip Schuyler. King Arthur & His Knights A Noble and Joyous
History. A collection of stories based on Malory. Rand Mcnally & Co.
1995 ISBN 1-56619-791-0.

Andronik, Catherine M., Quest for a King: Searching for the Real King
Arthur (Atheneum, New York, 1989). Surveys the legends surrounding
King Arthur and examines the historical evidence behind them.

Ashe, Geoffrey, King Arthur's Avalon: The Story of Glastonbury
(Dutton, New York, 1958, reprinted). Glastonbury is the legendary
Avalon, site of Arthur's grave and source of much fanciful speculation
and scholarly interest. The author reveals Glastonbury's distinctive
character in the dark ages as the meeting place of Saxon and Celt; the
glory of its Abbey as the center of English and medieval civilization;
and the significance of its legends in the mystical theory of the Holy
Grail -- a primary factor in the development of European religious

Ashe, Geoffrey, From Caesar to Arthur (London: Collins, 1960).

Ashe, Geoffrey, et al, Quest for Arthur's Britain (Granada, London;
Praeger, New York, 1968; reprinted with new introduction in 1987).

Ashe, Geoffrey, King Arthur in Fact and Fiction (NY: Nelson, c.1969,

Ashe, Geoffrey, Camelot and the Vision of Albion (London: Heinemann;
NY: St. Martin's, 1971.)

Ashe, Geoffrey, King Arthur in Fact and Legend (first US edition,
Camden, New Jersey/T. Nelson, 1971).

Ashe, Geoffrey, "A certain very ancient book" Speculum April, 1981,

Ashe, Geoffrey, Kings and Queens of Early Britain (London: Methuen,

Ashe, Geoffrey, Avalonian Quest (London: Methuen, 1982; London:
Collins/Fontana, 1984.)

Ashe, Geoffrey, Guidebook to Arthurian Britain (London: Longman's,
1980; London: Aquarian Press, 1983.)

Ashe, Geoffrey, The Discovery of King Arthur (Guild, London, 1985.
ISBN N/A.) Provides convincing accounts of the historical roots of the
legends and of who the original Arthur actually was.

Ashe, Geoffrey, The Landscape of King Arthur (Webb & Bower, Exeter; M.
Joseph, London, 1987).

Ashe, Geoffrey. The Glastonbury Tor Maze. (Gothic Image, 7 High
Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, 1988) Elsewhere Ashe refers back to
this originally 1977 short work as a source for the Grail ritual. 15
pages with maps.

Ashe, Geoffrey, King Arthur: The Dream of a Golden Age (Thames and
Hudson, London, 1990).

Ashton, Graham, The Realm of King Arthur (Dixon, Newport, Isle of
Wight, 1974).

Baigent, Michael, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. Holy Blood, Holy
Grail. (Corgi, 1993, ISBN 0-552-12138-X, many reprints.) What it did
was propose a revolutionary theory about what the "San Greal" was (a
deliberate distortion for "Sang Real", the bloodline of Jesus - not
just through lots of hints, such as the obvious reference through
"Fisher King" with the Greek connection of the fish for Jesus, as well
as the "I shall make you fishers of men" phrase in the Gospel, etc -
but also through meticulously detailed research). Not directly about
Arthur, but Arthur's connections with the Holy Grail myths are too
strong to ignore.

Barber, Richard. The Arthurian Legends: An Illustrated Anthology. Here
for the first time is a single volume featuring the power and range of
Arthurian literature from the beginnings to the present day.

Barber, Richard, Arthur of Albion: an introduction to the Arthurian
Literature and Legends of England (London: Boydell Press, 1961.)

Barber, Richard, The Figure of Arthur (London: Longman's, 1972.) This
title surveys the Arthurian controversy, works over the early sources,
and ends up with Arthur as a modern British national hero.

Barber, Richard, King Arthur; In Legend and History (Boydell Press,
Ipswich, 1973).

Barber, Richard, King Arthur: Hero and Legend (Woodbridge, Suffolk,
and Rochester, NY: Boydell Press 1988, ISBN 0-85115-254-6). Current
version of Arthur of Albion.

Barber, Richard, ed., Arthurian Literature, vols. I-X. Diverse papers
and studies.

Bradley, Michael. Holy Grail Across the Atlantic. 1988. Bradley
carries on where Baigent, et al, leave off. As well as utilizing their
book, he directly cites further details about an apparent conspiracy
to introduce 'clue-books' in famous libraries in France and around
Europe, over many decades. Bradley traces the Holy Grail from 'Before
the Flood' - to Arthur - and from there across the Atlantic, - to Nova
Scotia - (before Columbus), its possible residence in Montreal for
many years, and then supposed return to Europe.

Braswell, Mary Flowers and John Bugge, eds. The Arthurian Tradition.
Essays in Convergence (Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press,
1988. ISBN 0-8173-0347-2).

Brengle, Richard L., ed., Arthur, King of Britain: History, Romance,
Chronicle & Criticism, (Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, 1964). With
texts in modern English, from Gildas to Malory.

Bromwich, Rachel, ed., The Arthur of the Welsh: the Arthurian Legend
in Medieval Welsh Literature (University of Wales Press, 1991).

Bromwich, Rachel. Trioedd Ynys Predein (University of Wales Press,
1991.) A compilation of several Welsh sources for Medieval and earlier
story information, some dealing with Arthur. In English with the
sources also in Middle Welsh.


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