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05 Fiction (Arthurian Booklist) L-M


This article is from the Arthurian Booklist FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore tittle@io.com with numerous contributions by others.

05 Fiction (Arthurian Booklist) L-M

Landis, Arthur H. Camelot in Orbit. New York: DAW Books, 1978. Also
Home--To Avalon (1982), The Majick of Camelot (1981), A World Called
Camelot (1976), all published by DAW Books.

Lanier, Sidney, ed., King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table,
(Grosset & Dunlap, 1950. ISBN 0-448-06016-7.) A reasonable children's
version. The Scribner, New York edition is illustrated by N.C. Wyeth.
Original copyright in 1924.

Lang, Andrew, Tales of the Round Table (London, New York : Longmans,
Green, 1923). Based on the tales in the Book of Romance edited by
Andrew Lang.

Latymer, Baron Francis Burdett Thomas Coutts-Nevill, The Romance of
King Arthur, (London, John Lane; New York, John Lange Co. 1907).

Laubenthal, Sanders Anne. Excalibur. (Publication data not available,
it hit paperback about 1974 or 1975). Arthurian magic in a modern
setting. Incorporates sword and grail symbology with tarot magic. Very
original, and a real page-turner.

Laumer, Keith. A Trace of Memory. Turns out to be very much Arthurian
about halfway through. Difficult to say more without spoilers. First
published as a serial in Amazing Stories in about 1963 and reprinted

Lawhead, Stephen, Taliesin, Merlin, Arthur (Avon Books, plus British
and Australian printings. 1988). Lawhead is an excellent writer and
these stories make a very good read. Be warned, Arthur gets dragged
down by a somewhat stridently Christian slant, in a tale that differs
substantially from the first two books. Pendragon has been just
released, 1994.

Lerner, Alan J. and Frederick Lowe. Camelot. 1961.

Lodge, David. Small World. New York: Warner Communications, 1986.
First published: 1984. It's Arthurian in the same way as Lyre of
Orpheus, but deals with Perceval.

McDermott, Gerald, The Knight of the Lion (New York : Four Winds
Press, c1979). Juvenile: a retelling of the adventures of Sir Yvain
and his faithful lion, as the young knight goes through several trials
to prove himsself worthy of a great triumph.

McGowen, Tom, Sir Machinery (Folet Publishing Company, Chicago, 1970.
ISBN 0-695-40167-X hardback, 0-695-80167-8 trade paperback.) An
amusing children's tale set in modern days. Based upon the notion that
King Arthur will come back to save Britain again.

McKay, David. Bulfinch's Age of Chivalry or King Arthur and His
Knights. Revised by J. Loughran Scott. Philadelphia.

McKenzie, Nancy. The Child Queen. (Del Rey, 1994. ISBN 0-345-38244-7.)
The sequel, The High Queen is planned. A well written tale from
Guinevere's point of view. The setting and feel is similar to Mary
Stewart's, although some details differ. Lancelot is in this version,
and very well done.

Marshall, Edison, The Pagan King (Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1959).

Matthews, John, ed., An Arthurian Reader: Selections from Arthurian
Legend, Scholarship, and Story (Aquarian Press, Sterling Publishing
Company, New York, 1988).

Meany, Dee Morrison. Iseult. Out of print. Lionors, King Arthur's
Uncrowned Queen.

Monaco, Richard, Parsival or a Knight's Tale, The Grail War, The Final
Quest (1983), Blood and Dreams (1985) (Berkley Books, New York, ISBN
0-425-05143-9, etc.).

Munn, H. Warner, Merlin's Godson (1st Ballantine Books ed. New York:
Ballantine Books, c1976). Originally published as 2 separate works:
King of the World's Edge and The Ship from Atlantis.

Munn, H. Warner, Merlin's Ring, (New York, Ballantine Books [1974]).
Sequel or related to Merlin's Godson.


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