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01 Intro, disclaimer, thanks, copyright (Arthurian Booklist)


This article is from the Arthurian Booklist FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore tittle@io.com with numerous contributions by others.

01 Intro, disclaimer, thanks, copyright (Arthurian Booklist)

This is a reading list involving the Arthurian legend. For its
original inception, I would like to thank the readers of the old
Camelot mailing list (no longer in circulation). I wrote a good many
of the original reviews when I was a member, but since then a number
of people have submitted additional references for inclusion into this
list. The very latest copy of this file may be found at the above
listed URL.

Hey check these out! Nice!
* [1]http://dc.smu.edu/Arthuriana/.
* [2]http://www.lib.montana.edu/~slainte/intart.html
* [3]http://calvin.stemnet.nf.ca/~djohnsto/arthur.html
* [4]http://dcwww.mediasvcs.smu.edu/Arthuriana/Bibliography/
* [5]http://www.aloha.net/~mattman/arthur.html

There are a number of very obscure references in here, especially with
respect to historic works and research. Check out your library's
Interlibrary Loan: chances are that you'll be able to get ahold of a
reference this way even if your local library itself doesn't have it.
Talk to the librarian! That's what they are there for!

My criterion for these books is that it be concerned with the Arthur
legend in some way. I have several categories:
* Fiction: novelizations of the Camelot legend, or novels that use
significant elements of the legend.
* Poetry: poetic renditions of the legend.
* Non-Fiction and research: includes research into the origin of the
legends, speculation on who the original characters might have
been, studies and critiques of medieval sources, literary
criticism, etc.
* Medieval and Early Texts: original or modern translations of texts
written before 16th century or so (an arbitrary divison point I
* Periodicals: references that appear in magazines and articles.
These are typically research notes.
* Arthurian references: novelizations that use the legend in a minor
way or as secondary characters.
* Celtic Fiction: reworkings (novelizations) of traditional Celtic
stories. I suppose I could have a category for research into
celtic fiction, but the ones I consider relevant are in the
non-fiction and research section above.
* Organizations: finally, I provide a list of organizations dealing
with the Camelot legend. This is not exhaustive; in fact, it's
rather incomplete and I would love more information.

In general, related stories are acceptable (such as Tristam and
Iseult). Stories in other time periods are acceptable as long as they
still center on the Arthur myth (Kennealy's Hawk's Gray Feather) or
are talking about his return (Sir Machinery and others). References to
Arthurian elements are also acceptable, but I do not put all of them
in (a complete listing would be very large!); only the ones that seem
interesting. The Celtic works are included, because many of them
apparently provide an early genesis for the Arthurian stories, and
others are stories derived from minor characters in the Arthurian
stories (or perhaps the other way around, characters from well known
stories got honorable mention in these later stories --- who can

Disclaimer: I have not vouched for the accuracy of each and every
entry in this list. If you find mistakes or have additional
information on a reference, by all means, let me know. I likewise
appreciate any additions to this list. Send them to the addresses at
the end of this posting.

Also please note that for some books their mere inclusion into this
bibliography constitutes a spoiler of sorts. Don't say you haven't
been warned!

Thanks to: Kurt Anderson, Shannon Appel (of the now defunct Camelot
mailing list), Ed Aubry, Landen Bain, Richard Barber, Ron Bean, Leanne
Bereznak, Wendy Betts, John Brannick, Mike Castle, Peter Chubb, Ben
Cohen, Denis Constales, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes, Peter Davis, James Drew,
Gary D. Duzan, Harry Erwin, A.T. Fear, Scott Federhen, Margaret Martin
Gardiner, Roger Gardiner, Susan Gere, Todd Goldberg, Mark Edward
Harris, Steve Hartwell, Cameron Hayne, Sandra Hereld, Peter Janes, Tim
Johnson, Ray Kaiser, Peter Kumaschow, Jane Lean, Grace Lee, David
Lester, David Librik, Dave Linton, William D.B. Loos, Linda Malcor,
Melchar, Kevin McGuire, Alex Martelli, Francis Muir, Rick Myers,
Patrick Nielsen-Hayden, Terry O'Brien, Lisa Padol, Kimberly
Passarella, Robert Paulsen, Charles Power, Craig Presson, Stephen
Reimer, David Salley, Dale Schierbeck, William Smith, Steve Thomas,
Scott Vandenbe, Peter Van Heusden, Janet Walz, Nick Westgate, Tom
Wicklund, Darren Williams, Jean Wilson, Mary Winters, Erick "a six
foot hobbit," and MJ aka "classic bitch" for their help in putting
this list together.

This compilation is Copyright 1994-1996 by Cindy Tittle Moore. All
rights reserved.


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