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62 Re: Jointer Recommendation


This article is from the Woodworking FAQ Collection 3, by multiple authors.

62 Re: Jointer Recommendation

From: stericker_r@qis.dofasco.ca
Date: 23 Apr 92 08:53:37 GMT

My wife and I have been using the Ryobi jointer for almost a year now and are
very happy with it. We purchased it with the table extensions and feel that
the extensions have some problems: 1) The extensions are actually only a
single roller about 10" from the end of the tables, not a solid table. This
means that when the workpiece is not straight it moves when an end goes on or
off a roller. 2) The extensions each have a single leg out near the end that
must be supported at the same level as the base of the jointer. The bench or
stand must be the full length of the extended tables to provide this support.

The infeed roller moves up and down with the table when adjusting the
depth of cut. Unfortunately the support leg must be manually adjusted
every time to match the new height.

In summary, the jointer works well but the extensions could use some work. We
now only use the outfeed extension because of the need to constantly adjust the
other one. When we bought it portability was a factor in choosing the Ryobi.
Now that our workshop is permanent we would probably get one with longer

From: bds@maui.linus.mitre.org (Barry D. Smith)
Date: Wed, 6 May 1992 20:59:53 GMT

In article <1992May6.191225.23907@cbnewsi.cb.att.com> jackb@cbnewsi.cb.att.com (john.s.bogdanowicz) writes:

In looking for a jointer I have narrowed the search down to two, the 6"
Grizzly, and the 6" Jet. Considering shipping charges for the Grizzly,
the Jet is only $40 more. Any comments, experience, or suggestions
will be appreciated.

If you have narrowed the search down to these two, you may as well
look at the Reliant 6" jointer from Trendlines and others. The only
differences between the Reliant and the Jet are the base (the Jet has
a dust port of sorts) and the price (the Reliant is $299--about $130
less). Making a dust port on the Reliant may prove to be a little
difficult, but doable. I spent some time at Woodworker's Warehouse
looking at the two of them side by side, and the jointers were
identical down to the bolts. The differences, by the way, are even
less for other tools in the Reliant/Jet lines.


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