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52 Re: Delta long bed jointers


This article is from the Woodworking FAQ Collection 3, by multiple authors.

52 Re: Delta long bed jointers

From: gringort@wsl.dec.com (Joel Gringorten)
Date: 10 Oct 91 22:50:54 GMT

In article <37912@hydra.gatech.EDU>, fcox@prism.gatech.EDU (COX,FRED L) writes:
|> I bought a DJ15 last fall. It's not perfect, but it has improved my
|> enjoyment and productivity dramatically. I think the cast parts were
|> made in Brazil, but I'd have to check to be sure. The infeed table
|> was somewhat out of alignment with the outfeed table, but the Delta
|> repair people came out to my place, looked it over, took it with them,
|> fixed it, and delivered it again with no hassle.

[long winded reply follows...]

I bought a DJ15 several months ago as well. Like Fred's mine wasn't
adjusted properly from the factory. In addition, my fence was warped.
Delta had a factory "rep" come out to my home, install a new fence and
align my machine. Alas the new fence was just as warped as the old!
Delta finally sent another fence out that was much better. (Notice I
didn't say perfect.) The warped fences were out around .065; the new
fence is within a few thou. My table flatness is within .005. Evidently
the Delta spec is .015, so I'm well within tolerance there.

The rep spent a couple of hours going thru an adjustment procedure for the
jointer. I think most of this time was because this was his first experience
setting up the DJ15 and he had a large learning curve. I wasn't overly
impressed with his technique; he used a fancy adjustable construction
level to make the tables colinear! However, using a 4' level, I can't
detect any error in the work that he did, so evidently he did a good job.

The DJ15 is an awesome design. The height of all four corners of both tables
can be adjusted independently by rotating eccentric bushings. I believe
that once they're set, they'll stay set for many years. Why they don't
come set up better from the factory is beyond me, and why they're having such
terrible quality with their fence castings also remains a mystery. Now
that the machine is set up decently, I'm very pleased with it, although
it doesn't joint absolutely perfectly. During my hassles with Delta in
getting the machine repaired. I managed to wangle the factory adjustment
procedure out of them, which they copied from what must be the factory
service manual. I wish I could get the entire manual. It was interesting
to note that the procedure in the manual was completely different than
the one the rep used. Someday I'll go thru the factory procedure myself
and see if I can get it closer than the rep did, but first I'll have to find
a 5' straight edge! Btw, it's only out a thou or two over a several feet.

Anyway, I'm very happy with the jointer now. I'm sure I'll be handing it
down to my kids. I think Delta's designs and general manufacturing
techniques are excellent, but I think their Quality Control is definitely
lacking these days. It did take a while, but Delta eventually made good and
brought my jointer up to snuff. Sending a factory rep out to my house was
beyond what I would have expected. Somehow I don't think the Taiwanese
clone manufactures have service like this :-) and it was almost worth the
extra money for the Delta machine just for this service.


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