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15 Grizzly Jointer Review


This article is from the Woodworking FAQ Collection 3, by multiple authors.

15 Grizzly Jointer Review

From: dale@sequent.UUCP (Dale Mosby)
Date: 12 Dec 89 04:59:32 GMT

Well, I saw the posting about experiences with a Grizzly sander.
Thought I would provide a summary of experience with a Grizzly
jointer. A week ago Monday I received their 6 inch jointer,
47 inch bed. Price was $325. I also ordered the mobile base for
it. Comments:
- It was shipped quickly. Ordered it out of Bellingham, Wa. Monday
and it was in town for delivery Friday (but the delivery people
ran out of time so got it to me the following Monday).
- No assembly instructions. One page showing exploded parts diagram
of the bed and knives -- which came assembled. And one page showing
an exploded parts diagram of the base/motor which was entirely in
- Wiring diagram was only given on cover plate for motor. I noticed
before I called the company, but I'll bet they get lots of calls
about this. I was ready to call.
- I had to drill and tap new screw holes in one of the sides for
the stand. As delivered they wouldn't line up completely. The
bottom row of holes is below the lip of the mobile base and
I sure don't want to lift a 260 pound machine in and out of this
base just to remove a side panel on the stand. The stand is
sturdy enough to hold the jointer, but it will flex, and once
jointer is on it I sure don't think it would be easy to get the
screw holes to line up. I though it much easier just to tap
some new holes.
- The mobile base uses three casters. It needs 4 to prevent tipping.
I shim with some wood to provide needed stability.
Even though it took a bit more "fussing" than would have been ideal,
I think it is a good piece of equipment and would make the purchase

A question: The owners manual (such as it is) says not to wax the bed.
Instead wipe with talc once a week for a few weeks, then once a month
after that. What is talc? The powder you can buy in drug stores?
I wax all my other equipment and I'm happy with that method of care.
Does applying talc offer some advantage?


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