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68 Re: Bandsaw Info Required


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68 Re: Bandsaw Info Required

From: landers@adam.dseg.ti.com (Dave Landers)
Date: 27 Aug 92 14:45:52 GMT

I recently (about 3 months ago) got myself a Delta 14" BS. I am VERY happy
with it.

I thought about the Taiwan brands, but I wasn't sure about the quality, as
most of them seem (to me) to be reverse-engineering jobs of Delta and others (by
this I mean that they bought a Delta, measured it, and started building, without
any of the original design thought process or tolerancing specifications).
Now, before I get too many flames on this, I know that I'm not being entirely
fair, but it was enough for me to spend the extra money on something I can
keep for a while and get parts for. It was also important to me to be able to
go to my local hardware/home-center/woodworking stores to see more than a
picture in a catalog (even if I didn't buy from them).

I wanted to bandsaw to do all the standard things, but I really hope to
do a lot of resawing, so I opted for the height extension. The stock (with
the open stand) 1/2 HP motor didn't thrill me for resawing 10 - 12" hardwood.
I'm sure there are ways to do it (skip tooth blades and all), but I just
don't like being under-powered.

I also didn't like the idea of buying the enclosed stand just to get the 3/4 HP
motor (at least that's the way it was everywhere I shopped). It worked out
to about $180 extra for a 3/4 HP saw. Gack!

I ended up getting the 14" saw with the open stand and 1/2 HP motor. I found
this for about US$500 (but they're up to $530 now). I also got the height
extension ($85). Then, I bought a 1 HP, 1725 RPM motor for $100.

I ended up with a good, well powered saw for under $700. Buying the motor
separate saved me about $100, PLUS I have a new 1/2 HP motor for my drum sander.

Source for motor:

Burden's Surplus, 1015 West "O" St., Lincoln, NE 68501-2209, 402-474-4055 or
1-800-488-3407 from the States. Note that this motor is reversable, you'll need
to make sure any replacement motor is either reversable or spins the right way.
Also, this is a new motor, not used. A good bargan, since most places I see
1 HP 1725 RPM motors want around $140. Burden's has a large selection of
new and used motors, pumps, blowers and the like at reasonable prices.
[Not an ad, just a plug from a satisfied customer]


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