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55 Bandsaw Tuning Discussion


This article is from the Woodworking FAQ Collection 2, by multiple authors.

55 Bandsaw Tuning Discussion

From: styborsk@hpspkla.spk.hp.com (Randy K. Styborski)
Date: 9 Nov 91 00:54:23 GMT

I just bought a Delta 14" bandsaw, with 3/4 HP motor, enclosed base,
cool blocks, mobile base and riser kit. I have Duginske's book and I
am using it to tune the saw. I am VERY interested in sharing
information with others.

Questions first, notes/info later.

- How much vibration is normal? With just the motor running (no belt)
I get the usual motor vibration (i.e.- "Yep, the motor is running
but feels fine"). When I connect the belt but with no blade, I get
the motor vibration plus a reasonably gentle, low-frequency
vibration. The blade/upper wheel adds a little more low-frequency
vibration. I don't know if it is a problem yet, but at the least it
makes the saw less pleasant to use.
- If this is as good as it gets and it is still an annoyance, would
it help dampen the vibration if I built a bracket that essentially
attached the saw to the wall just above the riser block? This
defeats the mobile base, of course.
- Has anyone out there tried to true the tires/wheels on your BS? I
seem to remember Duginske suggesting that the Delta would work
better with the crown removed from the lower tire. Is he suggesting
just changing the shape of the tire or actually remilling the wheel?
(I obviously need to reread that section.)
- What lube do you use for protecting the lower guide assembly? Oil
is really messy. I am trying a 3M product that I think is referred
to as "TFE" something -- a dry lube with no silicone that is
advertised as a good mold release agent.
- Has anyone found a good way to mount a brush inside the lower wheel
guard to clean the lower wheel as it turns? The Powermatic comes
with such a brush but I haven't decided how to mount mine.
- Has anyone built Duginske's micro-adjuster fence? I am thinking
about it, but I'm not sure it is worth the trouble. If it is worth
it, I would be interested in collaborating on another micro-adjuster
design that mimicks the Inca model pictured in Duginske's book (I
have an idea here).

Some interesting notes:
- the lower guide assembly wouldn't slide on the rail it was mounted
to until I took the whole thing apart and polished the rail and
other parts on a diamond stone
- the lower thrust bearing had > 1/64" of side-to-side play. The
dealer gave me a brass washer for the interim while he orders a
- I was unhappy with the lack of attachment of the BS to the mobile
base. Therefore, I bolted them together. May have been
unnecessary, but I feel better now :-) I just wish I had thought of
it (or had it suggested) before I had the saw assembled :-(
- I was VERY unhappy with the amount of flex in the top of the mobile
base where the saw mounts. Therefore, I bolted angle iron under the
steel plate from front to back, so that the saw mounts through the
steel plate and into the angle iron, with the angle iron bolted to
the frame around the top of the base. THIS WAS VERY WORTHWHILE.
- The method of parallel tracking that Duginske recommends seems to
work well. I had to install a washer behind my top wheel but things
are pretty good now.


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