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47 Information on sources for replacement bandsaw tires.


This article is from the Woodworking FAQ Collection 2, by multiple authors.

47 Information on sources for replacement bandsaw tires.

From: jims@amadeus.WR.TEK.COM (Jim Sullins)
Date: 21 Sep 91 05:49:42 GMT

Thanks to all who have responded to my request for information on sources
for replacement bandsaw tires. Apparently this subject had come up in the
past and several had copies of the information stored in their archives.
I have included my original posting and the responses (minus headers/etc.)


>HELP! I got an OLD (Early 60s vintage?) Sears bandsaw at a garage sale
>a while back and I am trying to improve its cutting characteristics,
>etc. The model number of the saw is 103.24280. I believe it is considered
>to be a 12" saw (12 inches from blade to case).
>Well, not too surprisingly, Sears no longer stocks parts for this particular
>model of saw, and unfortunately does not provide any cross-reference to a
>newer (still supported model) with compatible parts. So I hope that by
>appealing to you rec.woodworking folks out there, one of you MIGHT be able
>to give me a Sears saw model number (still supported) or other vendors model
>number with compatible part, or a suggestion of what I might do to come up
>with a compatible replacement part.
>I am in need of two items. First, I need replacement "tires" for the two
>saw blade pulleys. These are the heavy rubber bands around each blade pulley
>on which the blade rides. Mine are seriously worn and the blade will not
>ride on them correctly. The radius of the pulleys on my saw is 6.25" from
>the center of the shaft to the outside edge of the pulley (12.5" diameter).
>The track in which the tire rests is 7/8" wide and 1/16" deep. Hopefully this
>info. will help someone identify a saw (make and model, and best case - a
>replacement part number:-) with tires which would be compatible with my saw.


Several people suggested that I try using the current replacement parts
available from Sears. I have looked at them and there is not too much
5.9" radius VS 6.25" radius wheels on my saw... I might be able to get
them to stretch sufficiently. I may go this route depending on cost
comparisons of the different options.


Band Saw Tires are available from:

Pennsylvania Saw (also know as York Saw) phone: 1-800-233-9381

The carry natural rubber tires from 10" to 42"

They also have the 3M adhesive to glue them on the wheels.

The sales person I talked to was Paula, and she was quite knowledgeable
about flat and crowned tires, and what machines used which style of tire.

I purchased a set of 12" tires from them, and am VERY pleased with the product.
(The tires are round to within 0.005" - thickness of tire varies less than the
thickness of a sheet of paper when rotating!!!)

Notes on applying the adhesive to the tire: The 3M adhesive is basically a
very volatile contact cement that you apply to both the tire and wheel and
let dry before putting the tire on. As you may guess, this could be very
tricky to put on and get right the first time. What I did to solve the
problem was to put the tire on with no adhesive and got the alignment correct.
I then used about a 1/2" to 3/4" wood dowel rod inserted between the tire and
the wheel. I then took a pipe cleaner (folded in half) and would smear the
adhesive on both the tire and wheel that was exposed by the inserted dowel rod
(only to 1 side of the dowel rod, since you will be rolling it around the tire).
After coating the approximately 1" of exposed surfaces (both tire and wheel),
I would roll the dowel rod away from the coated surfaces and press them
together (the glue was already dry by the time I was finished smearing it
thinly on the surfaces). You work your way around the wheel until you return
to where you started. I did both of my tires this way and had excellent
results. Hope this helps.


12" x 1" bandsaw tires can be ordered from Buckner-Weatherby in Seattle.
The part no. is D4001 and the price is $14.80 each. I bought a pair of
these for my fifty-year old Craftsman bandsaw and they worked fine, though
they were quite snug and hard work to install. Buckner-Weatherby is at

5931 Fourth Avenue, South
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 767-3620
(800) 227-3620

They are very helpful in person and on the phone.


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