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16 Re: Bandsaws (Grizzly saws in general)


This article is from the Woodworking FAQ Collection 2, by multiple authors.

16 Re: Bandsaws (Grizzly saws in general)

From: brucem@teklds.CAE.TEK.COM (Bruce McAlary)
Date: 12 May 89 15:18:15 GMT

In article <JLC.89May11104742@air12.air12.larc.nasa.gov> jlc@air12.larc.nasa.gov (Jim L. Caldwell) writes:
>Let me expand the original query; How are Grizzley products in
>general? I'm looking for a table saw and the Grizzley looks like a
>direct copy of a delta 10" tilting arbor saw for less than half the
>price but I wonder about the made in Taiwan quality.

I purchased a Griz G1022 here sometime last summer, and had posted info on
it before, but I did not save the article, so it might be good to talk about
it again.

Overall, the quality of the griz is great, *Compared* to other tiawaneze
tablesaws. The cast top is machined to a good finish, although I draw-filed
mine to put a final finish on it. The edges of the cast are rough tho, I put
a chamfer on all edges with a file. This has to be done as if anything like
your project or your skin is dragged across the edges, it is like a course
rasp. The biggest problems are the rip and mitre fences. The rip fence was
out of square with the table, and the aluminum casting head on the rip fence
is rough. I did not use mine, although I sent it back to Grizzly to have them
square it up and straighten it up. The turnaround time for them was fairly
quick, but if you are like me, you like to use your new toy as soon as you
get it, and don't like to have to wait to have anything fixed. By the time
the fence came back in a few days, I had mounted the tubes for an aging Delta
contractors rip fence, and was using the saw. The Griz rip hangs on the wall to
this day. The mitre fence face is about 7 degrees out of square with the top,
I cut a piece of oak to that angle and mounted it on the fence to get a square
face. The mitre slots are "T" slots, the fence has a washer on the end of the
bar that holds the fence in the slot. It is a failure as sawdust builds in the
t slot, and binds the fence. I took the washer off, that fixed the problem. The
bar on the fence is sloppy in the slot as well. I have been threatening to go
buy a mitre fence from Snears for $30, it is much better than the griz. I have
as yet to build the sliding mitre box, that would be a good replacement as
well. I built a rolling base, the saw is much to heavy to drag around if you
do not plan to leave it in one place. You might consider replacing the 15
gauge wire (some metric size) with a good 12 gauge power cord as well.

The good points? the bearings are tight, the arbor runs true and solid, the
motor is very powerful and as of the last couple of years has a 1 year warrenty
on it. The saw is heavy and solid, it does not move around. There is a little
vibration, but I suspect if the pulleys are replaced, it would fix that.

>I expect to pay more than $400 but less than $600 for a saw.
>Other saws I am considering are the 10" Makita (Has anyone seen the
>set-up described as "a unique sliding table" on this beast?), and the
>delta 10" super motorized saw.

If you plan on using the saw more than occasionally, buy a Delta contractors.
If you buy a good clone, expect to do alot of work to make it usable.
I had an early motorized saw, the top is the same size as the contractors saw,
the new ones are smaller and the quality of the fences are poorer. Mine had
a stamped steel + cast iron rip fence, the new ones are all aluminum.

>I would grab up a larger used saw in a minute if I could find one
>locally. Is there anything specific I should watch out for on a used

Primarly loose bearings, but those can be replaced if the saw is a name brand.
There is nothing more frustrating to buy a *good deal* and not be able to find
parts for it. Any old craftsman, Delta, (Maybe) rockwell would be fine as long
as it is not all worn out.

Additionally, Don't pay full price! Shop around, check the mail order houses,
don't pay more than $650 for a Delta Contractors, and don't pay more than $275
for a Delta motorized saw. I sold my motorized saw for $300 after I used it
for 6 years, I bought it used for $300, the guy used it once and did not like
it. (I suspect he bought it to keep up with the Joneses...)


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