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13 Bandsaw talk


This article is from the Woodworking FAQ Collection 2, by multiple authors.

13 Bandsaw talk

From: kai@ihlpa.ATT.COM (Irwin)
Date: 25 Jan 89 00:08:14 GMT

In article <1561@eric.mpr.ca>, townsend@handel.mpr.ca (Paul Townsend) writes:
> Better Homes and Gardens "Wood" magazine recently put out a special edition
> dealing with the subject of woodworking tools -- it still should be available.
> The section on table saws should answer many of the questions asked recently
> here. I found it very interesting, but I can't afford a table saw right now :-(

I donno I was in the market for a bandsaw about 2 months ago, and I bought
the issue, but I don't think that it really reviewed anything, more so it
just kinda gave basic feature comparisons (which say little about quality
of construction, availability of add-ons, or reputation of companies). And
although I felt it was usefull in showing what was available, I don't think
there is any substitute for going out and looking at the products first hand.
Don't misunderstand I would recommend the issue, but I would not base a
decision on it. Acually The Delta ad on the back cover was what got me going, so
in a sense I guess It was very valuable for that, even though they listed the
Delta 14" bandsaw as a 3 wheeler.

Anyway I looked at a Jet 14", a Jet 18", The Delta 14", and the Sears
Electr-o-tilt-o-matic. The Craftsman was not in the same league, plastic
wheel guards, ribbed aluminum table, and a weak looking stand (cleverly
disguised as a cabinet), more high-tech looking but not something you'd want
carve up a side of beef on (-:. The jet models were much more industrial
machines and had most of the basic features I wanted (rip fence, cast iron
table, riser blocks on the smaller one) but side by side with the Delta the
Jet appeared to have cruder castings and more of a do-what-you-gotta-do-to-
get-a-product-out type of thing.

Anyway due to the Delta promotion ($499 for the 1/2hp saw, open base, and light)
I bought the Delta for $100 more than the Jet 14", the Jet 18" was $100 more
than that, and didn't seem to have basic parts too available (ie: blades). I
also bought the riser block (making the standard practice blade useless). I
asked how easy it was to install and remove the block, and was told it "was
just basicly a bolt and a couple of centering pins, its no big deal". As I'm
installing the block I realize that this operation is by no means ment to be
easily reversible, the centering pins fit VERY tight, and don't appear to be
meant to be removed. So, lucky for me I purchased a 105" blade when I bought
the saw. This is a beutiful saw and I would highly recommend it to anyone in
the market for one, I also ordered the 32" rip fence (the place I bought it
from only had the 16" in stock, but for $5 I just ordered the one with the
longer rails). The stand BTW is HEAVY steel (1/8") and looks massive compared
to craftsman stands. Delta is nice stuff.


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