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1.A. Are there books on painting available? (Miniatures Painting)


This article is from the Miniatures Painting FAQ, by Brenda Klein tierna@agora.rdrop.com with numerous contributions by others.

1.A. Are there books on painting available? (Miniatures Painting)

There are several, though probably not all publications will meet
all painters' needs. The best descriptions and information
available at this time are listed below:
Citadel produces a Painting Guide which is a $1 pamphlet. It
was also reprinted in the back of "Golden_Demon_Awards", which
covers the finalists and many entries in the 198? Golden Demon
Awards , and also in "Fantasy_Miniatures", which is likely a
later printing of Awards.

Citadel currently produces a book for its games called
"'Eavy_Metal". The book retails around $20 US and has a lot of
excellent information, if you remember that the only standards you
need to adhere to are your own. Some people love the way GW-
painted miniatures look, others hate them. It's all a matter of

The first edition of "BattleSystem" (TSR, trademark, blah-blah)
had a nice, though thin, intro to painting with pictures of a
work in progress. (Thanks, Coyt!)

(David Lee McLellan is to be thanked for finding the next two titles.)
"The_Armory_Painting_Guide_to_Military_Miniatures." A 24-page
pamphlet which costs $3.00 US. They also do a painting guide
to horses which costs $2.00 US. Both are aimed at the wargaming

"Building_and_Painting_Scale_Figures" by Sheperd Paine, available
from Kalmbach Publishing.

(Steve Gill kindly listed the following from his personal library.)
"Making_Model_Soldiers_of_the_World" by Jack Cassin-Scott
pub: John Bartholomew and son Ltd 1973, 1977
Quite a good little book, covers design, sculpting and casting of
figures as well as sections on painting. Due to it's emphasis on
54mm Napoleonic figures it has a very good section on horses.

"The_Encyclopedia_of_Military_Modelling" gen ed Vic Smeed, con ed
Alec Gee pub: Octopus Books 1981, Peerage Books 1985
Large coffee table size book: has sections on all the major
historical periods, the different types of figures available,
equipment, vehicles, dioramas and displays. Sort of a collection
of long articles from the Military Modelling magazine crowd.

"Buildings_for_the_Military_Modeller"-"Design"&"Construction" by
Ian Weekley pub: B.T.Batsford Ltd 1989
Covers Ian Weekleys building techniques, more is spent on describing
the subject than the techniques used, unfortunately, but very

(Gary Leitzell himself kindly provided the information about his
"Brush_Strokes". Has been advertised in Military History Magazine,
had reviews in MWAN and The Courier and had an article published in
issue 61 of Courier on painting.
Mail orders to World Games Network, P.O. Box 15834, Pittsburgh, PA
15244. Include $12.95 per copy, which includes shipping and
handling, in check or money order.

There's also a magazine which might be of some interest to painters.
Forge has some general interest painting and modelling information
in each issue and is otherwise dedicated to Warzone. It is $2.95
per copy and has a subscription rate. It's produced by Heartbreaker

Also, Renaissance Ink publishes a monthly newsletter that covers
painting techniques (12 issues $15.00). We also offer a pocket
miniatures painting guide with shadeing and highlighting chart for
paints and inks ($0.50). To receive these publications mail:
Renaissance Ink
335 Torrance Ave
Vestal, NY 13850
More information can also be obtained from Jay Worth, publisher of
the newsletter, at jwirth4702@aol.com.


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