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1: Who should I thank for contributing to the FAQ?


This article is from the Toys FAQ, by scottg10@ix.netcom.com (Scott Gordon) with numerous contributions by others.

1: Who should I thank for contributing to the FAQ?

A whole lotta people, that's who:

Marcia Bednarcyk (marcia@netcom.com)
For suggesting that etiquette on challenging sale prices on rtm be
included (see Q2.13) and that appropriate etiquette for the posting
frequency of sales and auctions be included.

Bruce Bernard (berogue1@ix.netcom.com)
For providing information on how to contact FAO Schwarz.

Chip Cataldo (km2046@CNSVAX.ALBANY.EDU)
For posting George Emmon's Action Figure Updates.

Sonya Choi Lee (belandy@uclink2.berkeley.edu)
For the suggesting the use of "FS:" in for sale post headings (see
Q2.11) and for additions to the "I've been ripped off question"
(see Q2.22).

Julius Cooper aka Weasel (jucooper@us.oracle.com)
For various additions/corrections.

George Emmons (gemmons@shrsys.hslc.org)
For continuing to provide rtm with his Action Figure Update posts
even during his all to long hiatus from rtm.

Pamela Green (pkgreen@u.washington.edu)
For steering me in the right direction to get official approval for
the FAQ.

Gus Lopez (lopez@cs.washington.edu)
For giving me express permission to use sections of the
rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting FAQ.

Leigh Melton (leigh@nbi.com)
For giving me some very useful advice on the dangers of creating an

Randy Matthews (randym@aloha.com)
For allowing me to use information from his web page (see Q1.7,
Q1.10), for providing information on the Marvel Superheros/
Fantastic Four Invisible Woman figures (see Q4.1), and for creating
the original html version of this document and making it available
at his site, The Action Figure Web Page (see Q1.3).

Eric G. Myers (emyers@utmdacc.mda.uth.tmc.edu)
For providing information on the X-Men Iceman figures (see Q8.4),
for his Q&As on shipping and insuring packages (see Q2.9, Q2.10),
for info on the Spawn White Pilot and Violator II figures (see
Q5.1, Q5.2), for the information he provided on removing price tags
(see Q1.14), for volunteering for the arduous task of creating an
up-to-date, new and improved html FAQ, and for taking the time
to provide input on just about every volume of the FAQ.

Aaron Newton (amnewt01@starbase.spd.louisville.edu)
For explaining what is appropriate on this newsgroup and for
posting rtm's charter (see Q1.1), and for providing information
about the IRC channel #toys (see Q1.4).

Brian Pearce (brian@ritz.mordor.com)
For his suggestion on obtaining currently available "rare" figures
at retail prices (see Q2.3, Q2.4).

rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting FAQ Maintainers
For allowing me use many Q&As on general toy collecting from their
FAQ (see Q2.8, Q2.14, Q2.15, Q2.17, Q2.20, Q2.21).

Ted Sallis (tedsallis@aol.com)
For information on the Iron Man U.S. Agent figure (see Q8.3).

Terry (U16028@UICVM.BITNET)
For providing info on the Red Data/Data in "Redemption" figure
(see Q6.2).

David Thiel (d-thiel@uiuc.edu)
For his information on the Ambush Predator figure.

TZ (Tom Zarzecki) (TWZ101@psuvm.psu.edu)
For his "How to figure out what's rare" list (see Q2.5) and his
commentary on investing in toys (see Q2.23).

C.W. Walker (CW12621@conrad.appstate.edu)
For providing first word on the Star Wars POTF95 figures, and for
his Star Wars Action Master info (see Q8.1).

Barb Williams (bwilliam@saul6.u.washington.edu)
For providing info on various Star Trek variants (see Q6.4).


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