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1: What 'toys' are acceptable posting matter on rtm?


This article is from the Toys FAQ, by scottg10@ix.netcom.com (Scott Gordon) with numerous contributions by others.

1: What 'toys' are acceptable posting matter on rtm?

The following is the official newsgroup charter of rtm:

rec.toys.misc is an unmoderated newsgroup which passed its vote for
creation by 211:18 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 4 Jan

For your newsgroups file:
rec.toys.misc Discussion of toys that lack a specific

The charter, culled from the call for votes:

To provide a forum for discussion of topics relating to toys which
do not have their own specific news group in the rec.toys.*

For a more specific answer, after reading Aaron Newton's
(amnewt01@starbase.spd.louisville.edu) interpretation, there should
be no question as to what is appropriate on this newsgroup:

"No conscientious USENETer likes to see posts in a newsgroup that
are unrelated to that newsgroup. There are the obvious things
that aren't related and shouldn't be posted about.
'Make.Money.Fast', 'Get AOL NOW!', and 'Want Hot Phone Sex?'
are a few of the most annoying posts that fit under that category.
However, there is another category that comes up every once in a
while: the non-toy toys.

'What?' you may be asking yourself. 'There is no such thing as a
non-toy toy.' Well, you're right. You are also wrong (do you
get the feeling that I am a Douglas Adams fan?). To this
category belongs, among other things, baseball cards and comic
books for instance. Some people consider these their toys, their
playthings. However, these are not the objects of discussion of
rec.toys.misc. Neither are cars, guitars, boats, or
computers, which many people also refer to as their toys.
Besides the fact that all of these items are not really 'toys',
almost all of them have one (if not several) newsgroup(s) for
them already.

Remember, this is rec.toys.MISC!!! It is a newsgroup for toys that
do not have a specific newsgroup for them. This means that
actual toys like Legos and toy cars do *not* get discussed
here either. Why? Because they have their own [rec hierarchy]
newsgroups already [(see Q1.2)]. There has been a great deal
of talk about making a separate group for action figures (which is
the subject of most of the posts to r.t.m.). If this group is
created, action figures will no longer be acceptable on r.t.m.

As a general rule, ask yourself these questions and all should be

1) Is this item I'm posting on normally purchased from a
toy/department store?
2) Is it meant to be *played* with?
3) Is there a newsgroup for this item specifically?

If the answer is no to [questions 1 or 2, or yes to question 3]
don't post to r.t.m. about it, or may the Flame Gods, Holy Sons of
Eris, descend upon you (^_^)."


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