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28 Exercise Videos In Pregnancy: Other


This article is from the General Pregnancy FAQ, by swnymph@FensEnde.com (Sabrina Cuddy) with numerous contributions by others.

28 Exercise Videos In Pregnancy: Other

Don't know if this will help or not, but in the Spring 1995 issue of Shape
Magazines "Fit Pregnancy", 9 videos were rated by the editors (?, I assume).
Here they are...

Rating ***** (best) to (*) worst. I will type in some (but probably
not all of the comments they included in the rating). If anyone wants
more info about a particular video, let me know.

Buns and Abs of Steel 9: Post Pregnancy Workout *****
Recovering from childbirth herself, Madeleine Lewis gives new mothers a
winning workout. A gently-yet-effective program for returning to
pre-pregnancy shape, this video contains three progressive, 10-minute
routines. You can start the first one almost immediately after delivery,
even if you've had a C-section.

Buns of Steel * - Pregnancy Workout ****1/2
Madeleine Lewis, one of the best choreographers in the business, lives up
to her reputation with this solid aerobics workout. Excellent cuing,
easy-to-follow moves and signature Buns of Steel lower-body toning make
this a first-rate video.

Denise Austin's Prepregnancy Plus Workout ****
Austin is as effervescent and energetic as ever, and she presents good
information on pregnancy from medical experts. The first 30 minutes of this
video show low-impact aerobics and abdominal work adapted for expectant
moms. Then there are 20 minutes of a more intense postnatal workout.
Easy-to-follow, simple dance style.

Dr. Debra Levinson's Exercises for Pregnancy and Recovery **
Debra Levinson, D.C., demonstrates stretching, breathing and variations of
simple yoga poses. The exercises are not difficult, but modifications for
pregnancy are not shown and some exercises, unless adapted, may stress a
pregnant woman's back and neck.

Fit for 2 Step Aerobic Workout for Pregnancy *
Even seasoned exercisers need to be wary of the speed and intensity of this
tape. It's a high-intensity workout for the very active. Choreographer
Lisa Stone should review the pregnancy exercise guidelines that she states
so well at the beginning. Stone, not pregnant herself, enthusiastically
leads the workout, but the expectant women behind her are having a tough
time keeping up. She reminds everyone to "hold their abs in tight," a
difficult feat for those in their second or third trimesters. Stone
teaches without consideration for the pregnant viewer.

Kathy Smith's Pregnancy Workout *****
Filmed in 1989 during Smith's first pregnancy, this is still the best pre-
and psotnatal tape on the market. An excellent total-body workout with
lots of modifications; includes low-impact aerobics and toning. Graphics
are explicit, the pace perfect. Includes informational insert.

Miracle of Life Pregnancy Workout ***
This creative, moderate-intensity, Latin-flavored, low-impact workout
includes upper-and lower-body toning and relaxation. Gloria Quinlan cues
the moves but gives little information and few modifications during the
workout. Those accustomed to low-impact workouts shouldn't hae a
problem with the lack of instruction. Available in Spanish.

MomJam ****1/2
Former National Aerobics Champ Tyla Reich was expecting when she led this
lively, simple-to-follow 84-minute tape. Her perkiness is matched by that
of her pregnant co-stars, actresses Mimi Rogers, Cassandra ("Elvira")
Peterson and Sheryl Lee Ralph. They may have been forced to mouth
saccharine-cute lines, but his is no wimpy workout. The aerobics session
uses some complicated arm-and-leg combos, and the groans during the
strength training (with Dynabands) are genuine enough. The workout ends
with a soothing
guided relaxation and stretch.

Steppin' Babies *
If you can follow this tape - een without a baby in your arms - you are
WOnderWoman. Instructor Laura J.S. Brown is convinced that holding baby
while you step your way back to fitness is better than leaving the infant
with a sitter, but she demonstrates poor stepping technique and gives
inadequate instruction. You'll find it difficult to follow the video and
adjust your newborn without tripping - especially since the camera angles
don't always give a good view of the moves. Choreography is typical of a
step class at the high-intermediate level, not what you would expect for
exercisers recovering from childbirth. The pivots, lunges, repeaters and
quick changes are inappropiate while holding a baby in your arms.

Finally, done - gotta get back to work!! I did type the entire article
in after all as it seems to have a lot of good information. Once again,
this was a rating done in the Shape magazine Fit Pregnancy, Spring 1995.
Hope it helps...

Kirsten (werne@bedford.progress.com)
PS The opinions are Shape Magazines, the typos are mine!

>Don't know if this will help or not, but in the Spring 1995 issue of Shape
>Magazines "Fit Pregnancy", 9 videos were rated by the editors (?, I
>Rating ***** (best) to (*) worst.
>Fit for 2 Step Aerobic Workout for Pregnancy *

I guess this review is going to continue to haunt me for a while :( If
anyone is basing their video choices on this review, please email me
and give me the opportunity to state my case (thanks to those of you
who already have!). There are always at least 2 sides to every issue,
after all! BTW, the Fit For 2 video was one of only 2 featured on
NBC's Today Show in a segment on exercise during pregnancy.

Lisa :) (fitfor2@netdepot.com)

P.S. The Shape review was written by one woman (not an editor) who just so
happens to have been involved in the production of 3 of the videos which
received top honors (the two Buns of Steel tapes and the MomJam tape).
Unbiased? You decide!

The Fit for 2 Step Aerobic Workout for Pregnancy video is the best I have
seen. Lisa is enthusiastic, knowledgable and supportive. I use it at
home without a step and still get a great workout. It is nice to learn
about the ACOG guidelines and realize that Lisa is following the most
recent information they provide. It helped get back into shape after our
son was born also.

I belong to a health club that I use for aerobics and weights. I have
also used quite a few of Kathy Smith's videos over the years so when I
became pregnant, I bought hers. I am very disappointed. The intensity
is light (with no tips to increase it.) The choreography is choppy
and below par what I expect from a KS video. The transitions between
steps are akward.

I especially hate the break in the KS video where the women put on
sunglasses and stand around singing a rap song. I didn't think it was
"cute" the first time I saw it. I can't FF fast enough every time!

Sorry to unload, I was expecting to get a good workout and feel
disappointed. (Maybe it will be just right immediately post- partum.)

I also have the Fit for 2 video and like it. I've never done any of the
other pregnancy tapes, but if the review says Fit for 2 is too intense,
I definetely wouldn't buy any of the others! I really don't think it's
too intense and I have no trouble doing it.

I used #10, the Buns of Steel 8: Pregnancy Workout. It was OK, in my
opinion. It certainly got my heart rate up, but it was actually kind
of boring. I attributed it to the instructor's enthusiasm and the low
level of difficulty of the exercises. Also, the instructor was kind of
awkward, like she hadn't had much experience doing exercise videos.
The music was alright, and other info supplied by the instructor was
good but not news to me.

I used #1, Kathy Smith's pregnancy workout a few times. I checked it
out from a local library. I liked it a lot - it flowed better than the
Buns of Steel video, and the instructor kept me interested. Music was
a bit peppier too, and choreography was more professionally done.

That's about all I can remember - it's been about 8 months since I used
either video!


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