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23 Natural Ways to Bring On Labor


This article is from the General Pregnancy FAQ, by swnymph@FensEnde.com (Sabrina Cuddy) with numerous contributions by others.

23 Natural Ways to Bring On Labor

From: tcramer@iquest.net (Tracy Cramer)

I know how you feel because I was overdue with the newest boss of the
house just 8 short weeks ago. 12 LONG days overdue! I also posted a
plea for suggestions....

* Castor oil isn't generally a good idea, so avoid it if you can.

* Raspberry Leaf Tea tones the uterus & may help

* I took Black Cohosh capsules which were recommended in a book I found
at the local health food store.

* Accupressure - on right foot between the inside ankle bone & achilles

* Spicy food

I took the Black Cohosh capsules for 3 days before Austin was born. I
did the accupressure several times a day.

I also listened to classical music while talking to my belly - I told
the baby it was time to be born because we were ready for him while
rubbing my belly. (I know it sounds dumb, but I was pretty desperate!)

The evening I had him, I had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. With
the chicken I had fries that I dumped hot sauce on. I told my husband I
was going to make the kid so miserable in there, he'd want to leave.

I don't know what worked but I think actively trying to stimulate labor
also works psychologically. Because you are doing something
"constructive" rather than sitting around worrying about labor
starting, your mind thinks "hey, she's really serious! Maybe it's
time!" This is just a theory though :)

From: LEJL36B@prodigy.com (Sheryl Angeloni)

Please be careful with your efforts to induce labor. Nipple stim
produces oxytocin which is the natural form of pitocin used medically
to induce labor. Ideally you should be monitored to be sure you aren't
stressing your baby with too much oxytocin. Just be patient. Let you
baby decide when he (or she) is ready to join the world.

Sheryl, OB nurse and been there 5 times myself


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