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19 Twins and More - Resources


This article is from the General Pregnancy FAQ, by swnymph@FensEnde.com (Sabrina Cuddy) with numerous contributions by others.

19 Twins and More - Resources

From: Jezebel <jezebel@netcom.com>

Twins mailing list - To subscribe to the list, send e-mail to
twins-request@cup.hp.com. In the body of the message, write

subscribe twins <yourname@address>

The list is also available in digest form. Among other net resources,
there is a newsgroup called alt.parenting.twins-triplets. America Online
users can participate in scheduled "live chats" for parents of multiples.
For information on these, contact TWINMOM212@aol.com.

These are the books I have found most useful. Each of them includes an
extensive list of resources available to parents of multiples (the lists
in _Having Twins_ and _Mothering Twins_ even include a number of
international organizations).

_Having Twins_ by Elizabeth Noble (some call it the "bible" of multiple
_Mothering Twins_ by Linda Albi, et al.
_Multiple Blessings_ by Betty Rothbart

If you have trouble finding any of these books, they can be ordered from
a support organization called Twin Services, which offers many other
publications, along with a counseling hotline and referrals.

Twin Services
PO Box 10066
Berkeley, CA 94709
Twinline: 510/524-0863

Other good support organizations:

Triplet Connection
PO Box 99571
Stockton, CA 95209
209/474-3073 or 474-0885

MOST (Mothers of Supertwins)
PO Box 951
Brentwood, NY 11717-0627

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs
12404 Princess Jeane
NE Albuquerque, NM 87112-4640

From: louvet@irisa.fr (Pascale Louvet)

Try the Twins and Supertwins mailing list : (see above for address...)

Topics of Discussion:
This list is intended for discussion of *all* aspects of twins and
supertwins (triplets, quadruplets,...). Though a lot of the day-to-day
discussion revolves around survival strategies and equipment purchases
for new parents of twins and more, discussion of other topics is very
welcome. If there is a topic pertaining to multiples that you'd like to
discuss here, please feel free to start a thread if there is not one
currently going on. In particular, this list is also intended for adult
twins and supertwins to discuss issues about being a multiple -- there
*are* other adult twins and triplets on the list, they just don't pipe in
all that often. Feel free to introduce yourself and start a discussion
of topics of interest to you. (The new parents really appreciate being
able to see things from the perspective of those of you who survived your
childhoods as multiples relatively intact!)

Ftp Archive:
An ftp accessible archive of Twins list traffic is being maintained.
To gain ftp access, E-mail Bob Forde at foe@ornl.gov. To obtain a
Who's Who on the list, use ftp and get the twins list directory (long)
or the twins list index (shorter). To add your entry, send it to the
list with the subject "Roll Call" and you will be added. If you do not
have ftp access, mail to Bob Forde at foe@ornl.gov and he will send you
whichever you request.

Bob has also added an archive of threads starting from April or May 1994.
These may be found in D:\public\twins\threads. If you have a question
you suspect has been discussed here a million times before, you may want
to try there first. However, in Bob's words: "I do NOT intend to
replace the folks on the list or squash new thoughts, just create a
rough FAQ library to start discussions."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Jean Dickey maintains and distributes a twins FAQ (list of frequently
asked questions, with answers). It is available from her by email at
dickeyj@clemson.edu, or from the ftp site described above.


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