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22 Birth Plan


This article is from the Birth Planning FAQ, by wnymph@FensEnde.com (Sabrina Cuddy) with numerous contributions by others.

22 Birth Plan

This birth plan is intended to express the preferances and desires we
have for the birth of our baby. It is not intended as a script. We
fully realize that situations may arise such that our plan cannot and
should not be followed. However, we hope that barring any extuating
circumstances, you will be able to guide us toward the birth
experience we desire.

If procedures or medications are proposed, we ask that you discuss
them with us and suggest alternative therapies and comfort measures so
that we can make well-informed decisions. We are striving for
flexibility on our part, as well as on the that of the birth team.

We plan to have a doula, ______, present during labor and delivery as
a primary support person. We plan for her to give comfort,
encouragement, and generally support us.

Early and Active Labor - Want to be able to move about, changing
positions often, walk, etc. as
- External fetal monitoring only as required by the condition of the baby; we
prefer use of the fetoscope.
- Would like to have light food and liquids as requested.
- Prefer no IV unless I become dehydrated; will accept heparin lock if it is
- Prefer no artificial rupture of membranes.
- Prefer no enema unless the labor team feels it will speed up a slowly-
progressing labor.
- No shaving of pubic hair.
- Want to avoid medications; prefer to use relaxation techniques, breathing,
massage and emotional support to deal with pain. Want to discuss side
side effects and alternative comfort measures with my husband and doula
before accepting any pain medication.
- Would like to be able to shower and or sit in the jacuzzi as desired (unless
membranes have broken in the case of the jacuzzi).
- Would like to play music as desired.

- Would like a mirror for mother to see what's going on.
- Prefer no episiotomy except to avoid extensive tear; have been preparing by
doing Kegel exercises and plan to use warm compresses to help avoid tearing.
- Father would like the opportunity to cut the cord.
- Would like to nurse immediately after delivery if possible.
- Prefer to wait for spotaneous placenta separation and delivery rather than
- Avoid pain relief except for local anesthesia for stitching up.

Contingency Plans

We want to discuss any problems and the associated risks unless there is a
medical emergency. If we require a C-section, we want the father and doula to
be present unless there is an emergency. We would like to use an epidural
anesthesia rather than general unless there is an emergency. We prefer that the
anesthesia take effect before the catheter is inserted and that there are no
"hot spots" (areas which are not yet numb) before the surgery begins. We would
like to hold the baby after delivery if she doesn't need immediate medical

Ill Baby
If complications arise with the baby, we would like to remain as involved in
her care as possible. If possible, we still want to hold and nurse the baby
as soon after delivery as is reasonable.

*************************** End of Summary **********************************


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