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13 Birth Plan


This article is from the Birth Planning FAQ, by wnymph@FensEnde.com (Sabrina Cuddy) with numerous contributions by others.

13 Birth Plan

My doctor had a sample birth plan. I talked about everything from
drugs to jacuzzis. If I had a questions or wish, I talked it over with
the doctor. My biggest request was for her to let me know what she was
doing and why. She explained everything before she began anything. I
had an episiotmy ( sp?) and I still tore extremely bad (inside). I did
not have a spinal or epideral. My husband was able to cut the cord,
the nurses took pictures for me. I had rooming in. For this to be my
first child it was relatively easy. The only thing I would change and
suggest for your friend is to have ALL your calls held once you go into
hard labor. My whole labor/delivery only lasted 11 hours, but the
doctor had to sew me up for about 2 hours. During that time the phone
kept ringing with well-wishers (sometimes people just don't use common
sense). My parents were at the hospital and they could have watched if
they had wanted. I didn't have any restrictions on who was allowed in
and I had a mirror so I saw everything myself.

It really was the MOST amazing experience of my life. I'd love to have
a hundred kids. Although I was really scared during pregnancy that I
would be able to go through it. Every time I'd read some info, I'd
start crying and tell my husband I couldn't do it. Then I stopped and
thought, that if it was something SO outrageous that we'd be able to
have babies some other way. I'm a Christian and I finely said a little
prayer to the extent of "Lord, don't let it be anything I can't
handle". Then I just quite worrying about it. I remained calm and
never got excited or tense.

My daughter was 8lbs and 10oz. The doctor was amazed that I pushed her
out so "easily". My hard labor only lasted 3 hours. I was very lucky
and I wish everyone could have an experience like mine.



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