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4.0 Infertility And Related Newgroups


This article is from the Infertility FAQ, by Rebecca Smith Waddell bec@fertilityplus.org with numerous contributions by others.

4.0 Infertility And Related Newgroups

This newsgroup relates to all issues related to infertility.

Some discussions might include:
- Impact infertility has on self-image and self-esteem.
- Impact infertility has on a couple's relationship.
- Impact infertility has on relationship with family and friends.
- Impact of infertility on jobs and dealing with co-workers.
- Dealing with the fertile world (pregnant women everywhere).
- Doctor-patient relationship issues.
- Advice on finding and personal recommendations of doctors
and clinics.
- Discussion on low-tech methods of improving the odds of pregnancy.
- Medical diagnosis and treatments (personal stories and advice).
- Medical discussions range from the setting up of the first doctor
consultation to doing high-tech treatments like in-vitro and new
areas such as immunological infertility.
- Emotional and medical issues related to pregnancy loss after
infertility treatment, as well as infertility resulting from
inability to carry a pregnancy to live birth.
- Alternative medical methods (acupuncture, herbs, visualization
. . .)
- Coping methods of dealing with stress and treatments.
- How personal beliefs (religion) overlaps with infertility.
- Money and insurance issues related to paying for treatments.
- Humor by those who have been there.
- Emotional vents about anything related to infertility issues.
- Pregnancy announcements, which include brief personal history.
- Adoption as a family building choice.
- Discussion about life without being a parent (childfree choice).
- Discussion about using donor sperm, donor egg, or surrogacy.
- Other miscellaneous topics related to life while infertile.

Discussions about medical issues related to treating infertility. Messages are
often cross posted from alt.infertility since not everyone gets the alt groups.

Created in Fall of 1996 by Jamie (survey done by Meg F.)

This group addresses the unique emotional aspects of pregnancy after the
struggles of infertility. The group is in addition to an on-going email list of
over 100 members called 'Panfert'.

The pregnancy group is for special emotional support for those who have achieved
pregnancy after enduring infertility. The group is for the special support of
those who will understand the conflicting feelings of finally achieving
pregnancy with the normal need to discuss the discomforts and changes that occur
during pregnancy. The group provides a forum for those who will also understand
the fear and uncertainty often felt by women who are pregnant after infertility.
The main pregnancy group news:misc.kids.pregnancy can be full of difficult posts
for women finally pregnant after infertility.

Created Fall of 1996 by Debbie Catalano (no FAQ or charter available)

Secondary infertility is the inability to conceive again after one or more
successful pregnancies.

This group is open to all who wish to discuss infertility, but be aware that
most in the group have already successfully birthed and are raising at least one
child. Some in the group have multiple children in their home. Children are
discussed in many posts. The group hopes to have an open forum for anyone
wishing to discuss infertility issues along with discussion of children. The
group primarily encompasses emotional issues related to secondary infertility.
Parenting after infertility is also discussed.

The group includes those who had no prior infertility with having a
child/children, but are now experiencing trouble achieving another pregnancy.
The group also includes those who have had prior infertility perhaps of long
duration involving extensive treatment to have a child/children and are now
trying to achieve another pregnancy.

Cross posting to other infertility groups should be avoided to prevent
inadvertent upset by the mentioning of children to those who may be feeling

Some discussions might include:

- Fear of a growing age difference between siblings.
- Concerns of having an only child.
- A child asking for a sibling.
- Pressure by society to have a second child.
- Overprotection issues of raising an only child.
- Discussions about adoption as way to raise additional children.
- Fertile friends, family, and co-workers having children easily.
- Finding a babysitter so you can have medical treatment.

Created Fall of 1996 by Rick and Becky Steele
Newsgroup FAQ written by founders posted at:

Primary infertility is infertility without ever conceiving or
successfully carrying a pregnancy to a live birth.

The group also welcomes anyone without any living biological children
after suffering infertility. Those who have biological children, even
after infertility, should be prepared for not being welcome on this
group. The group is for the emotional issues related to primary
infertility (those with no living biological children as defined in
the FAQ for the primary sub-group).

Cross posting to or from other infertility groups should be avoided!!
Posting by any other than primary infertiles as defined for this group
should be avoided. Anyone with biological children, even if after
enduring infertility, should probably avoid posting or making comments
on this group to prevent possible hurt feelings. This group is a
sanctuary for the special and sometimes strong feelings for those who
do not and may NEVER have biological children after infertility.

Some discussions might include:

- "Any topic written by a primary infertile discussing any range of
emotions, or opinions." - from FAQ.
- Strong feelings related to coming to terms with never having a
biological child.
- Jealousy and comments about others being parents or being pregnant.
- Living a life without being a parent (childfree choice).
- Adoption as a way to build a family.
- Frustrations of being a step-parent only.
- Venting of many very strong emotions.
- Discussions to keep the group solely for those without biological
children (yet).

Created in August 1999 by Alyson Peltz
Newsgroup FAQ posted at: http://www.fertilityplus.org/faq/parenting.html

The newsgroup alt.infertility.parenting is set up to be a natural
progression from alt.infertility and alt.infertility.pregnancy. It is
for the discussion of all emotional and practical aspects of parenting
after conceiving as a result of infertility treatments or parenting
after adoption. This could include discussions about how people are
coping with parenthood and discussions about the emotional aspects of
undergoing treatment again for another child. Another topic for
discussion would be practical suggestions for those having difficulty
dealing with their new family.

Created February 1997 by Rick and Becky Steele

"Alt.infertility.alternatives will be a place to explore the
alternatives to a medical resolution to infertility. Among these are
adoption, foster parenting, and child free living. It will be a place
for the discussion of these subjects as well as moving on from
treatment. It will be a place to learn from each other the processes
we are going through and sharing the pitfalls and the joys." - from

Infertility group for the discussion of issues related to gestational and
traditional surrogacy.

Information on surrogacy can be found at: http://www.surrogacy.com and

news:sci.med.obgyn A moderated group to discuss the science and
practice of obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN). The newsgroup includes
professionals, researchers & general public. Posts should be kept as
impersonally stated as possible. This group provides a good source to
ask questions to medical professionals in the area of OBGYN.

news:soc.support.pregnancy.loss http://web.co.nz/~katef/sspl/ includes
FAQ on Tips & Suggestions for Coping after Pregnancy Loss and the
soc.support.pregnancy.loss charter.

This newsgroup is for discussing all aspects of pregnancy loss. "Its
objective is to provide support and information for everyone
experiencing or concerned about the trauma of miscarriage (including
blighted ovum), ectopic pregnancy, therapeutic terminations, still
birth or neo-natal death. Postings should be supportive and
non-judgmental." - from Charter

news:alt.support.pco PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS is the
most common endocrine disorder, affecting approximately 6% of
premenopausal women. The condition is characterized by multiple small,
follicular cysts of the ovaries, irregular or absent menses, excessive
body hair growth, insulin resistance and infertility.

Information on PCOS is available at: http://www.pcosupport.org and

news:alt.support.endometriosis and news:alt.med.endometriosis
Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue resembling uterine lining
occurs outside the uterus, such as the ovaries, Fallopian tubes and
pelvic ligaments. Symptoms may include pain with menstruation or
intercourse. Endometriosis is quite commonly associated with

Information on endometriosis is available at:

news:alt.support.des This is a group to discuss the problems
associated with prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES). Tubal
(ectopic) pregnancies, miscarriages, premature labor, and both male
and female infertility are all relatively prevalent in the offspring
of women exposed to DES during the first half of pregnancy. A large
study was recently completed and it is now known that over 50% of
people exposed in-utero to DES suffer infertility and/or pregnancy

DES information and FAQs website by Prof. Sally Keely at:

DES Daughters Listserv Website at http://www.surrogacy.com/online_support/des/


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