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07 Additional Resources


This article is from the Firearms Safety & Children FAQ, by Patrick Casey (pcasey@interart.com) and John Gunshenan (jpg@bbn.com) with numerous contributions by others.

07 Additional Resources

Here are some sources of additional information.

-- The Eddie Eagle program is a set of non-political gun safety
materials designed specifically for children. The materials
includes coloring books, posters, videos, as well as instructors
materials. They are available in three levels (pre-school to
grade 1; grades 2-3; grades 4-6) in both English and Spanish.
For her role in developing Eddie Eagle, then NRA vice president
Marion Hammer received the National Safety Council's 1993
Citation for Outstanding Community Service for leadership
in program development. The program has also received
commendation from the American Legion's National Committee
on Education, is endorsed by the Police Athletic League and
is used by numerous organizations such as the Boy Scouts and
Girl Scouts of America. Schools, law enforcement agencies and
civic groups interested in the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program
can contact the NRA at 1-800-368-5714.

-- "Keeping the Piece" is an excellent article on children and gun
storage, written by Dr. Lyn Bates and published in Women&Guns
magazine, June 1993. Back issues cost $3 each, and can be ordered
by calling 716-885-6408. Keeping the Piece is also available
electronically, courtesy of the author, by sending mail to

-- "Gunproof Your Children," by Massad Ayoob, Police Bookshelf, 1986,
$4.95, phone: 800-624-9049

-- "Kids & Safety" (chapter 8 of "Armed & Female," by Paxton Quiqley,
E.F. Dutton, 1989, $4.99)

-- "Gun Safety" (chapter 16 of In the Gravest Extreme, by Massad
Ayoob, Police Bookshelf, 1980, $9.95, phone: 800-624-9049)

-- Children and Guns: Sensible Solutions, by David Kopel, 1993,
Independence Institute, phone: 303-279-6536, $12.00

-- "A Parent's Guide to Gun Safety," 1992, available at no charge
from the National Rifle Association. Call 1-800-368-5714 and
ask for the Safety and Education Division


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