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A. How long did you (or do you plan to) breastfeed your child?


This article is from the Breastfeeding Past the First Year FAQ, by Kim Smith with numerous contributions by others.

A. How long did you (or do you plan to) breastfeed your child?

1. (K. Dalley) I fed 2 children for 1 year, and two children for 2 1/2 - 3
years. :-)

2. Heather Madrone <madrone@cruzio.santa-cruz.ca.us>: I nursed
Morganne until she was 3.5. I plan on nursing Matisse as long as it
works for both of us (she's 9 months old).

3. Diane Lin <dlin@weber.ucsd.edu>: I breastfed Dylan until he was 16.5
months old.

4. Child # 1 - 24 months; Child # 2 - 14 months; Child # 3 -18 months.

5. Tini <tini@iss.nus.sg>: My daughter is 22 months and she's still
breastfed, so I can't help with the weaning stuff. I'm planning to let
her nurse as long as she wants, although I'd like her to wean soon or
maybe down to one feed a day. I'm thinking of having another baby,
tandem nursing may be too draining, although I'd do it.

6. Karen Plomp <karen@ankh-morpork.hacktic.nl>: Cees is now 21mo and
still nursing. I plan to continue until he doesn't need it any longer
or until I don't like it anymore, whatever comes first (I try to go
for a child led weaning).

7. Anita Lees <leesa@cps.msu.edu>: Still breastfeeding Morgan at
nearly 4, and Dylan at 17 mos. I am working on getting Morgan to wean
near her birthday. I am not actively trying to wean Dylan, but would
not be upset if he weans himself at the same time. I had only planned
to breastfeed for the first year before Morgan was born, but she is an
extreme high need child, and has stuck out 3 years of "don't offer,
don't refuse", as well as lots of not-so-subtle pressure from Dad and

9. Paula B.: My son weaned himself at the age of 2 1/4 years. I
restricted breastfeeding to a specific location, but did not refuse
him when he asked. I was surprised (and pleased, and sad) when he
decided on his own that he didn't need it any more, after seeming
positively addicted to the breast until a couple of weeks before.

10. Gail Abbott <gail_abbott@csufresno.edu>: We have a 2.5 yr old (3
in Nov) who is still nursing, although we are starting to discuss
termination. Because of some thyroid problems, the milk supply is
dwindling, but we've struggle with lots of "attitude" out there, and I
wanted to share our thoughts and beliefs.

11. Carolyn Olive <co2@prism.gatech.edu>: I nursed my older son until
he turned 4. I felt he was just too old for it and I was no longer
comfortable with it after about age 3.5. We cut back to 2 a day at
age 3.5, then to once a day. I let him pick the time of day. We
spoke about it for a while before his 4th birthday and he knew he
would stop on his birthday. (actually we were on vacation and he
forgot to ask until we got hoem. I felt bad about cutting him off
like that so we had one last nursing about a month later). From the
time he turned one I did not allow public nursing. He was very verbal
and unederstood explanations so this was not a big problem. ...He was
18 months when my second son was conceived and 28 months when he was
born. The younger one is 2.5 and still nursing several times a day.
I am much looser about public nursings now.

12. Mary J. Cole <mjcole@er.arco.com>: My daughter is 17 months old
and still nursing 3-5 times/day (morning, noon, after work, before
bed, 2am). ... I originally planned to stop at 1yr. Now I plan to
stop at some mutually agreeable time in the future.

13. Audrey Ishizaki <aud@ncd.com>: My son will be 2 in about a week
(how time flies!). He still likes to breastfeed two or three times a
day: when he wakes up, when he goes to sleep and sometimes before nap
(on weekends) or after daycare (on weekdays).

14. Ellen Copley <copleyd@acousb.byu.edu>: I'm in the same situation
you are. Emily just turned 1 on the 14th of August. I'm getting
hints from relatives and friends that this has gone on long enough,
but I don't agree.

15. Marian Nodine <mhn@cs.brown.edu>: Tim for 2 years 3 months, Anna
for 2 years 1 month.

16. Sue Willis <willis@sscvx1.ssc.gov>: Leo has been nursing for 3.75
years now! He's down to occasional nighttime nursing (and sometimes in
the morning if he wakes up before I get up).

17. Suzanne Jacobs <sj@palm.com>: My #1 nursed 'til 18.5 months. #2
is now 18 months and still nurses, but just once-a-day (first thing in
the morning). With both kids, I let them decide when and how much to
nurse (or not nurse).

18. Cindy Carpenter <ccarpent@bbn.com>: She's 26 months old now and I
don't know when we'll stop entirely. Probably in the next year, but
who knows? When she was born I planned to nurse until she was about
15 months. Since then I've learned not to try to plan too strictly

19. Janice Smith <jsmith@cyote.dasd.honeywell.com>: Kenneth is 14
months and is still nursing. We will probably stop in the next month
since he is rapidly losing interest.

20. Pam Wilson <pswilson@macc.wisc.edu>: My plan is to keep up the
breastfeeding as long as he wants, but I have no clue what that means.
I had no idea I would be breastfeeding this long (12 months). I didn't
go into this with strong opinions about what I should or should not
do--I've pretty much played it by ear, and let my child's needs direct
my parenting decisions. Many, many people have indicated that it
would be "appropriate" to wean him now, but that doesn't feel right to
me. When I mention to anyone that I'm still breastfeeding, they
usually react with "Still? Why?" and tell me how their child weaned
herself at an early age, implying that I'm doing something that's not
exactly right. The feedback from other misc.kidders about this has
been a tremendous source of support.

21. Laura Dolson <dolson@crl.ucsd.edu>: 27 months.

22. Judith Hochberg <judithh@c3serve.c3.lanl.gov>: I nursed both my
children for approx. 2 years each (24 mo.), and plan to do the same
with my third, due any day now.

23. Cecilia Barfield <cbarfiel%unf1vm.bitnet@uga.cc.uga.edu>: I'm
still nursing Trevor who was 2 1/2 at the end of February 95 and
my younger daughter decided to wean herself at 14 months.

24. Jennifer Coombs <comyto3@aol.com>: I planned to nurse as long as
possible, as long as he wanted. I really just wanted to get to 3
months old, then 6 months old, then a year... I found that I had to
make an effort to keep my milk supply up after going back to work.
Pumping at work was possible but such a hassle and never seemed to
really do the trick like just being with my baby.

25. Conni Sowin <conni@starnetinc.com>: James, 11 months, Kimberly, 20
months, Nicole, 14 months and still nursing

26. Cordelia Schaffer <schaffer@solgate.com>, Jefferson born 11/18/94:
As long as he wants to, and I enjoy it.


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