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VI-B. Battery pump options Gentle Expressions


This article is from the Breast Pumps FAQ, by bweiss@cs.arizona.edu (Beth Weiss) with numerous contributions by others.

VI-B. Battery pump options Gentle Expressions

Since my daughter is 6.5, I don't have any recent info for you. I had
a gentle expressions battery operated pump and a manual. I liked the
battery operated one because I could use it 1-handed and pump directly
into the bottle. But, the manual had better suction, so if I was
having a hard time with let-down, the manual worked much better. The
industrial strength ones are the best (Medela). I used one when I
was in the hospital for an operation when my daughter was 3 mo. They
can be rented, but I don't think they are very portable, if you need
to take it to work.
I used a Gentle Expressions pump, which was fine, though part of it
wore out after about 8 months (the seal was leaky, so there was an
imperfect vacuum which made pumping a problem) and I had to replace
the pump. At this time I noticed that Gentle Expressions was no longer
being made with a socket for an adaptor - i.e. it was batteries only -
but I did manage to buy one that could be used a/c. I would now NEVER
use a batteries-only pump, as batteries get used up too quickly. One
thing though, I found when I used a/c at 3V, the pump was weaker than
with 3V worth of batteries. I just nudged the transformer to 4.5V and
luckily the motor could withstand the extra power! It worked pretty
i am appropriately typing this while i pump milk so i am not going to
capitalize. I have a battery gentle expressions pump. i think it
cost about 30 dollars. i like it fine but it does use a lot of
batteries if you are going to do more than occasional pumping. when i
got it i thought i would just uyse it for nights out and things like
that and wean doug when i went back to work. well, i wasn't ready to
wean yet, so i pump about twice a day at work and need batteries every
few days. so i would suggest the ac adaptable type if you are going
to use it every day. other than that i like the gentle expressions.
I used Gerber, Medela, and Gentle Expressions with my first child. Of
those three I liked Gentle Expressions best because of small size and
battery operated - portability. I purchased two at Toys R Us for ~$30
each, because I just couldn't spare 1/2 hour at a time at work to
pump. Two pumps cut it down to about 15 minutes. I picked up an
extra Gentle Expressions at a Baby Needs warehouse sale for only
$5.00, which is good since one of the battery terminals got some
oxidation on it and got bent back and wasn't making too good of
contact with the battery any more. I never had to take them apart an
clean out the pump diaphragm though.
The Gentle Expressions has it all over the Precious Care in this
regard. I borrowed a PC once, while visiting a friend and needing a
little milk to mix up rice cereal when a visit was going longer than
planned (the friend's daughter is 2.5 mo younger, so she provided
cereal, bowl, bib, spoon, etc and even lent me the pump -- not bad
eh?). Anyway the stupid little tube kept falling off and when I *did*
get the hang of it I couldn't let down because the suction wasn't
strong enough (I kept my GE cranked to full suction at *all* times,
gentle ha!) and when I put Beth on to get things going she kicked the
tube and the ruddy thing fell off again... exasperated sigh. I can't
remember if I finally got my ounce or if the cereal was mixed with
juice in the end. But it put me off the PC, I will say. The GE is
totally utterly one handed. You hold it on and work the suction
release thingy all with the same hand. And it will stay on, and
pumping, through some quite determined kicking by a 7 or 8 month old
who is annoyed at the buzzing sound during her nursing session. :-)


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