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42 Baby Proofing Gates


This article is from the Baby Proofing FAQ, by Sandra Smith, sandra@cs.toronto.edu with numerous contributions by others.

42 Baby Proofing Gates

From: Jeff Richards

Just read your FAQ on Baby Gates and found that no one mentioned the ones that
we have.

We are quite pleased with them and have bought 3, one for each entrance to
our kitchen.

They are made by Fischer-Price and cost around $25.00 US. (or at least they
did 2 1/2 years ago).

They are the rubber-pressure type, and if _really_ pushed on hard (harder
than a toddler will push) if installed correctly will move. If installed
or adjusted incorrectly, they will not stay up at all. When installed
correctly, I would lean against it with all my 190 lbs to determine if
I had it right.

The catches are a) the walls must be no more than 38" apart, no less than
30 " apart (I may be a little off on the dimensions)
b) the walls must be flat
c) the gate must be adjusted _properly_ and installed _properly_
d) the gate must be installed with the _adjustment_ controls
on the _OUTSIDE_, meaning, so the kid can't get at them

These gates have the same diagonal criss-cross design that all the other plastic
gates appear to have.

As mentioned, they are adjustable. You can even re-adjust it in about a minute
if you want to move it somewhere else.

To adjust it, you release the controls, size the gate to the opening, take the
gate out of the opening, manually size the gate to 1/2 to 1" larger, then
re-clamp the controls.

Then, you just grab the handle on the top, and push the buttons (two, one
for a lefty or righty), put it in the opening, and release. Pressing the
buttons _pulls_ the pressure spots in.

Since you size the gate _larger_ than the opening, the pressure holds it
in place.

Taking the gate down or putting it up with your right hand while carrying
a 20 lb. toddler is no problem at all.

One caveat. I would _NOT_ use this gate at the top of a stairs.

For the top of the stairs I actually had to install a 2x4 on one side, and
drill into some faux-wrought iron to install one of the accordian style gates.

We have never had a problem with the Fischer-Price gates. Is it that no one
knows about them, or that they are considered a no-no that it's not in the FAQ?


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