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38 Baby Proofing Gates


This article is from the Baby Proofing FAQ, by Sandra Smith, sandra@cs.toronto.edu with numerous contributions by others.

38 Baby Proofing Gates

From: Clare Chu Ayala, Nynex Science and Technology

I wish I had asked before getting that gate. It is made by Gerry
and we failed utterly at installation. We drilled the doorway and
put the hinges in. Little did we know that the hinges would be
so unsteady. Basically even with the hinges in, you still need to
push the rubber pads up against the edges of the doorway. If the
doorway is not perfectly parallel, it doesn't fit correctly.
We got it because it had a foot pedal and we thought (incorrectly)
that my mother-in-law would be able to use it without bending down.
Now it is just $30 junk sitting in her closet.

Incidentally, we do have a Supergate (about $20), and that gate has
a kit inside that has 8 plastic cups (4 for doorway, 4 for rails)
that you can screw into the doorway. We screwed 4 in (2 on each
side) at the same level as the rubber pads. Now that gate is easy
to put in (just fit it in between the plastic cups, extend and
latch). Our son can no longer understand why he can't push the
gate down anymore! We might try using the remaining 4 plastic pads
(for rails) with that blasted *#%@#!& Gerry gate (I don't know if
it'll work), but if it did, we'd only use it without the foot-pedal,
taking the time to twist the two tightener knobs every time and
forget about it swinging.

For pressure-rubber gates try the SuperGate (I got mine at Service
Merchandise). It is grey, has diamond-like plastic pattern, and
has a plastic lever-like latch in the middle that you can bend down
in 3 positions to get the desired tightness. We've found that after
installing the 4 door pads, we only have to use the least tight position.
This also evened out the non-parallelness of our doorway. That gate
also has hardware for hinges (although we haven't tried that since it
works pretty well with just the pads).

Don't get the Gerry gate, it's worthless!!! I wish I could just get
gates that have hardware on both sides. Maybe I'll make one myself.
I'll use the Gerry gate, drill some holes and attach a hinge on one
side and a latch on the other side. That's an idea.


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