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07 Baby Proofing General Issues


This article is from the Baby Proofing FAQ, by Sandra Smith, sandra@cs.toronto.edu with numerous contributions by others.

07 Baby Proofing General Issues

From: Judy Drake, Tektronix, Inc., Redmond, OR.

Besides the usual cabinet latches and electrical outlet covers,
removing cleaning stuff and medicines, etc., if you have a dog,
be sure you store the dog food where the baby can't get
into it, and don`t leave the dog's food out on the floor. Some
kinds of kibbles are perfect choking size.

Also, if you have blinds, make sure you have hooks next to the
windows or something you have hang the strings up on when the
blinds are open. The strings can hang down far enough for a kid
to get tangled up in.

Dishwasher detergent is poisonous, so if you keep it under your
sink like we used to, you might want to move it to a higher location.
A lot of house plants are poisonous, but I'm not sure which ones.

You can put doorknob covers on any doors that the baby can lock
himself into or out of, so he can't open the door in the first place.

I've read that toddlers can drown in 5-gallon buckets by falling
in head first then not being able to get out. (Our solution to
this is to never wash the car.)

Some things in our house we never babyproofed, because I wanted
our kid to learn about stuff. For example, he always has had
access to toilets and our stereo and the stairs, without any
problem. I suppose if he had ever shown more interest in the
toilets, I would have put locks on the lids. However, by the time
he was big enough to lift the lid, he wasn't interested in the
toilets (aside from throwing in the occasional shoe to see Mom's

Sometimes you never know what might pose a hazard to a little baby.
I read not long ago about an aquarium that leaked into a baby's crib
and the baby drowned because the water puddled on his mattress and
he was too little to lift his head.

I remember reading a posting in this group that I thought was a good
suggestion. The poster suggested getting down at baby's-eye-level
and looking around to see what you can get into that could possibly
hurt you.


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