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15.1 Allergy/Asthma Products


This article is from the Children Allergies and Asthma FAQ, by Eileen Kupstas Soo kupstas@cs.unc.edu with numerous contributions by others.

15.1 Allergy/Asthma Products

Allergy Control Products Inc.
96 Danbury Road
Ridgefield CT 06877

Provide free (with orders?) pamphlets on Cat Dander, House Dust/Mites,
Understanding Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Exhaust and Allergen Containment,
Mold Spore Allergy. Products include: special mattress/pillow covers,
blankets (Vellux), room cleaners (filter room air), face masks, vacuum
filters (don't let the dust/dirt back out of vacuum), high filtration
vacuum cleaner bags, Miele canister Vacuum cleaner, filters for A/C, and
central heating systems, Allergy Control Solution (neutralizes dust mmite
and their feces, a primary allergen for many people).
They offer a pamphlet, "Understanding Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum
Exhaust and Allergen Containment." Separate catalogs for dust,
mold, and cat allergies.

I have used their vacuum filters, Allergy Control Solution and mask. All very
good and extremely helpful.

Medic Alert medallions
Medic Alert Foundation, Box 1009, Turlock CA 95380.

Bio-Tech Systems, 1-800-621-5545. A 17 page catalog containing
information and products related to dust allergies, mold allergies,
and asthma. Filters, masks, mattress and pillow encasings, dust
sealants, dust mite removers, mold preventers, nebulizers.

Allergy and Asthma Products Company, 1-800-221-6483. A 5 page guide
to dust, mold, and asthma control, and 2 pages of products.
Filters, bedding protectors, sprays, masks.

Allergy Free, Inc., Dickinson Texas (1-800-ALLERGY)

The AL-R-G Shoppe, Inc., 305-981-9182. A 17 page catalog. Lots of
cosmetics, jewelry, plus the usual filters and mattress encasings.

Allergy Controlled Environments, 1-800-882-4110

Allergy Relief Shop, 615-522-2795
2932 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TE 37921

Allergy Supply Company
1-800-323-6744 or 1-703-391-2011
11994 Star Court
Herndon VA 22071
(they have a great
catalog that specializes in respiratory products like
spacers and TONS of helpful hints.)

Healthscan 1-800-962-1266 carries health care equipment
including great peak flow meters like Assess (TM), and
a great new spacer called OptiHaler (TM) which made a
phenomenal difference in my personal asthma management -
call for a catalog.

Fisons 1-800-621-5545 (carries allergy control products - call for the catalog.)

Mimic Kidswear (1-800-450-3301 or fax: 416-446-7755 or e-mail mimic@ican.net)
Cotton clothing for children with food allergies and asthma; some of the
clothing has informtion about the child's condition or requests "No smoking".
Also, sew-on patches, etc. to inform others of child's needs.


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