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10. The Awful Truth


This article is from the Michael Moore FAQ, by Edward Champion edchamp@slip.net with numerous contributions by others.

10. The Awful Truth

A sequel of sorts to TV Nation, made for Channel 4 in the UK, with
a similiar format and focus. It is currently being filmed.

10.1 Where can I see it? (The Awful Truth)

The show wil be aired early next year in both the USA and the UK.
It will be on Channel 4 in the UK, in the USA it has been picked
up by the cable channel Bravo. However -

BAD NEWS: Needless to say, we had a hard
time staying on broadcast television with
"TV Nation," so now we have moved to the free
land of cable on the Bravo channel. Of course,
cable isn't free and that's bothersome, but it's
that or nothing. (Fortunately, Bravo is no longer
a pay cable channel in most places).

The people at Bravo have been great. We are
under no cloud of censorship as we were on
NBC and FOX (details in our new book,
"Adventures in a TV Nation"
( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0060988096 )

But Bravo is available in only one-third of the
homes in this country. Many of you have written
us to say that your local cable company does
not carry Bravo and you were wondering how
you'd be able to see "The Awful Truth."

Well, dammit, there's no other way.

So that means you've got to convince your local
cable company to pick up Bravo.

These cable operators DO respond to public
pressure on occasion. They are, for better or
worse, regulated by your local government.

We need you to call your local cable company
TODAY. Ask for the general manager or the
sales manager and tell her/him you want them
to carry Bravo. Click here to find out the name
and phone number of the cable company in
your town.

( http://www.bravotv.com/getbravo/main.html )

We are especially targeting these cities which
do not carry Bravo:

Portland, OR Columbia Cable, (503) 644-3188
Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati Cable, (513) 242-9111
Buffalo, NY TCI of Buffalo, (716) 853-8900
Baltimore, MD TCI of Baltimore, (410) 649-9000
Flint, MI Comcast Cablevision, (810) 235-9200
Houston, TX TCI Harris County, (713) 451-4611
Union, NJ Comcast Cable of Union, (908) 602-7444
Jacksonville, FL MediaOne, (904) 731-7700
Rochester, NY Time Warner Cable, (716) 756-5000
Charlotte, NC Cablevision, (704) 377-2288
Reading, PA Time Warner Cable, (610) 378-4600
Raleigh/Durham, NC Time Warner Cable, (919) 821-7925
Richmond, VA MediaOne, (804) 262-4004
Green Bay, WI Time Warner, (414) 496-2040
Worcester, MA Time Warner, (607) 432-0500
Grand Rapids, MI TCI, (616) 977-2200
Greensboro, NC Time Warner, (910) 854-1200
Albuquerque, NM Jones Intercable, (505) 761-6200
Jackson, MS Capitol Cablevision, (601) 982-0922
Altantic City, NJ Suburban Cable (609) 641-6700
Southeast Michigan Comcast, (313) 945-1111
Pittsburgh, PA TCI, (412) 771-8100
Harrisburg, PA Suburban Cable, (717) 540-8900

Your cable company will be deciding THIS
WEEK which networks they will be ordering
for the second quarter of 1999. That's why we
need you to make that call TODAY.


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