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2.2.2 National and Provincial/State Associations (Records Management)


This article is from the Records Management FAQ, by Bryan Carbonnell mbrmfaq@geocities.com and Douglas Johnson johnson_d@ohm.com with numerous contributions by others.

2.2.2 National and Provincial/State Associations (Records Management)

Many of these can provide the same kind of services offered by the
large international organizations with some definite advantages. If
you have a local association that is not listed here, or a national
organization, please contact me ; mbrmfaq@geocities.com, and I will
gladly add this information to the listing.


The Florida Records Management Association is an organization of
individuals and agencies involved with or concerned about the
management of public records and information in Florida. The
association cooperates with the Florida Bureau of Archives and Records
Management, but is independent from that agency. The not-for-profit
association sponsors an annual seminar, hosts several free or low-cost
workshops throughout the year, and publishes a newsletter. The
association was formed in 1991 and has over 200 members.

Annual membership dues are as follows. Individual membership is
$20.00; institutional membership is $30.00 with two designated
participants; and corporate membership is $75.00 with two designated
participants. For more information, contact Membership Committee
Chair Pat Schultz at 904-329-4233 or Secretary Robin Tew at

To join FRMA, send dues, plus your name, title, organization, phone,
address, fax, and e-mail address to:

Florida Records Management Association
c/o Bureau of Archives and Records Management
Mail Station 9A
Tallhassee FL 32399-0250


The Georgia Records Association is geared towards Georgia state,
local, and regional organizations involved with implementing records
retention schedules, micrographics, files management, and information
systems management as well as private sector operations with interests
in governmental records management. We are a not-for-profit
organization governed by a Board of Directors that is structured to
insure representation from cities, counties, school systems, state
agencies, the support staff of the State Archives, and the private
sector. We sponsor several free and low cost seminars throughout each
year, publish a quarterly newsletter for members, and co-sponsor the
annual State Records Management Conference. The annual membership fee
is just ten dollars. To become a member send your name, title,
organization, address, phone, fax and e-mail address to:

The Georgia Records Association
P.O. Box 38128
Capitol Hill Station
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Enclose your check for $10.00 (ten dollars).

United Kingdom

"The Records Management Society, launched in 1983, recognised the
ever-increasing number of people working in the fields of records and
information management. All those concerned with records and
information, regardless of their professional or organisational status
or qualifications, can join the Society. Organisations wishing to
develop records or information systems and those which provide
services in these fields are also welcome." - Extract from "About
RMS", _Records Management Bulletin_, December 1995.

The annual membership fee for an individual is 50 Sterling, and all
overseas mailings are sent by airmail at no extra cost - so you can
see we look after our overseas members!! As a matter of interest we
are in the process of organising an international conference in 1997.

The Society publishes a bi-monthly "Records management bulletin", ISSN
0258-4500, edited by Ann Lawes (central@tfpl.demon.co.uk) or

For More information contact:

Administrative Secretary:
Mrs Jude Awdry
Records Management Society
Coleheath Bottom
HP27 0SZ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1494 488599
Fax: +44 1494 488590
Email: rms@rooftops.demon.co.uk
Records & Information Management Industry On-line Service
RIMOS: <http://britac3.britac.ac.uk/rms/index.html>

Records Management Association of Australia

The Records Management Association of Australia was founded in 1969
and incorporated in 1975 and has Branches throughout Australia. Its
membership is wide ranging, covering professionals in the areas of
Records Management, Librarianship, Archives, Corporate and Public
Administration, Data Processing and other related aspects of the
Information Delivery Industry.

The Activities of the RMAA are wide ranging and include courses,
conferences, seminars, national conventions, specialised studies,
projects and workshops, field trips and publications, designed to
assist members become a more enlightened force in the world of
information management. The Association has an on-going commitment to
education of its members and the institution of professional


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