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3. Theatre Periodicals


This article is from the Theatre FAQ, by aku@leland.Stanford.EDU (Andrew Chia-Tso Ku) with numerous contributions by others.

3. Theatre Periodicals

[SB, comments: suburton@carson.u.washington.edu]

AMERICAN THEATRE. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1984- .
Theatre Communications Group, 355 Lexington Ave., NY NY 10017
Reviews and essays on modern Am. theatre.

ARTS CALENDAR QUARTERLY. New York: The Arts Calendar, 1985- .
Arts Calendar, Inc., 600 W. 58th St., suite 9217 NY NY 10019
Guide to major events in theatre, music & dance -- note: Quarterly.

ARTS MANAGEMENT. New York: Radius Group, 1962-
Radius Group, 408 W. 57th st., NY NY 10019
5 x year.
Contemporary aspects of management in performing arts.

CALIFORNIA THEATRE ANNUAL. Beverly Hills, Ca.: Performing Arts Network, 1981-
9025 Wilshire Blvd., suite 210, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Theatre, theatre history & companies in Calif.

CANADIAN THEATRE REVIEW. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974-
University of Toronto Press, 5201 Dufferin St. Downsview, Ontario,
Canada, M3H 5T8
This is an academic/in-depth journal that provides essays on contemporary
Canadian Theatre, and reviews of published plays, and a playtext.

CANPLAY. Toronto: Playwrights Union of Canada, 1984-
54 Wolseley St, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1A5
Provides news about what PUC (Playwrights Union of Canada) members are
up to, listings of upcoming productions, job & contest postings.

COMPARATIVE DRAMA. Kalamazoo MI: W. Michigan University, 1967-
English Dept., Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI 49008
Intended for researchers & students; incl. book reviews.

CRITICAL DIGEST. New York: Critical Digest, 1984-
225 W. 34th st., rm.918 NY NY 10001
Newsletter of NY & London Theatre news; digest of reviews.

DAILY VARIETY. Hollywood, CA: Daily Variety, 1933-
Daily Variety, 1400 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028
5 x week.
note: Daily comes out of LA, so coverage is a little different from Weekly.

DRAMA REVIEW. Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 1988-
MIT Press, 55 Hayward St., Cambridge MA 02142
Quarterly. continues: The Drama Review, 1968-1987.
Scholarly pieces, essays, interviews, letters, editorials

DRAMATISTS GUILD QUARTERLY. New York: Dramatists Guild, 1964-
234 W 44th st., NY NY 10036
Professional playwriting, music and lyric writing, & Guild business.

Dept. of Theatre & Media Arts, Univ of Kansas, Lawrence KN 66045
As it sound; history and criticism of drama/theatre

LONDON THEATRE NEWS. New Jersey: London Theatre News, 1988-
30 Broad St., Denville NJ 07834
Reviews, bios, what's on in England -- publ. in NJ so not overseas mail...

MODERN DRAMA. Downsview, Canada: Univ. of Toronto Press, 1958-
Journals Dept., 5201 Dufferin St., Downsview Ont. M3H 5T8
Am., British & Canadian drama as literature.

THE MUSICALS COLLECTION. Orbis Publishing, 1993 or 1994-
Kings Cliffe, Peterborough PE8 6Yp England.
(Each 'issue' consists of a cassette or cd of the music and a magazine
of facts and figures, a listener's guide, a whos who for the show and
hints for further listening. The recordings are taken from That's
Entertainment and Musical Heritage recordings. Available through
Dress Circle.)

NEW YORK THEATRE CRITICS REVIEW. New York: Critic's Theatre reviews, 1943-
Four Park Ave.,Suite 21D, NY NY 10016
NY (and some nat'l) reviews of NY theatre collated by show; annual index.

NTQ -- New Theatre Quarterly. New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1985-
32 East 57th St., NY NY 10022
Continues: Theatre Quarterly.
Bibliographies, documentation and histor. research on all aspects of theatre.

700 Caledonia Rd., Toronto, Ont. M6B 4H9
Continues: Performing arts in Canada, 1961-1990.
[no description available]

PERFORMING ARTS JOURNAL. New York: PAJ Publications, 1976-
PAJ Publications, 325 Spring St., Rm. 318 NY NY 10013
Drama, dance, video, etc.; book reviews, interviews, + a new play

PLAYBILL MAGAZINE. New York: Playbill, inc., 1964-
Playbill Inc., 71 Vanderbilt Ave., NY NY 10169
Mo. mailing of the programs handed out at NY theatres; cast & prod. info
Playbill is going online at Prodigy in 11/94 and at other
commercial services in 1995.

PLAYS INTERNATIONAL. London: Chancery Publ., 1985-
F6 Greenwood Ct, Harlescott, Shrewsbury, Shropshire ST1 3TB England
Reviews, bios, interviews, what's on in England + play or play excerpt.

PLAYS AND PLAYERS. London: Brevet Publ., 1953-
18 Friern Park, North Finchley, London N12 9DA England
Absorbed: Theatre World in 1966.
Reviews, bios, interviews, what's on in England

SHOW BUSINESS. New York: Leo Shull Publications, 1941-
1501 Broadway, NY NY 10036
"the entertainment weekly" -- show business is his life

SHOW MUSIC. Conn.: Goodspeed Opera House Foundation, 1982-
P. O. Box 466, East Haddam, CT 06423-0466
All aspects - book & record reviews, interviews, historical research

STAGES. Norwood, NJ: Curtains inc., 1984-
8 Frasco Lane, Norwood NJ 07648
10 x yr.
Reviews (theatre, book, film) of B'way, Off & Off Off B'way.

TDR -- The Drama Review. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1955-
55 Hayward St., Cambridge MA 02142.
Performance studies; often deals with gender conflicts, feminist views

THEATERWEEK. New York: TheaterWeek, 1987-
28 W. 25th Street, 4th Floor, NY NY 10010
Reviews, interviews, production pieces, gossip, restaurants...

THEATRE. New Haven, CT: Yale University, 1977-
Yale University School of Drama, 222 York St, New Haven CT 06520
3 x yr.
Essays on theory & practice; companies & individuals; US & Europe.

THEATRE CRAFTS. New York: Theatre Crafts Assn, 1967-
135 Fifth Ave., NY NY 10010
9 x yr.
Tech. aspects (scenic design, costume, lighting etc.) for thea.,film,video.

THEATRE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY. New York: US Inst. of Theatre Tech., 1965-
330 W. 42 St., suite 1702 NY NY 10036
Tech & production articles (theory & practice)

THEATRE JOURNAL. Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979-
701 W. 40th st, suite 275, Baltimore MD, 21211
Continues: Educational Theatre Journal (v.1, 1949-v.31, 1979)
publ. for the University and College Theatre Association.

THEATRE NEWS. Washington DC: American Theatre Assn., 1968-
1010 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington DC 20007
Different aspects of Am. theatre, by Am. Theatre Assn.

THEATRE RECORD. Middlesex, Eng.: Ian Herbert, 1981-
4 Cross Deep Gardens, Twickenham TW1 4QU Middlesex Eng.
Formerly: London Theatre Record.
English reviews of English theatre collated by show; annual index.

THEATRE SURVEY. Albany, NY: Am. Soc. for Theatre Research, 1960-
SUNY at Albany, PAC 266 Albany NY 12222
Scholarly articles on theatre history.

THEATRUM. Toronto: Theatrum Publishing Inc. 1985-
PO Box 55119, Fairview Mall PO, 1800 Sheppard Ave. E.
Willowdale, Ontario, Canada M2J 5B9
5 x year.
Trade magazine for theatre professionals and those-interested-in-theatre.
It publishes articles, interviews, a production calendar, a "Theatre
Inform" column reviews of productions and books.

VARIETY. New York: Variety, 1905-
154 W. 46th St., NY NY 10036
The 'real' Variety; reviews, casting, $, tours; book & film reviews; obits


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