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56 List Of Magic Dealers H


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

56 List Of Magic Dealers H

H and R Magic Books
3702 Cyril Dr.
Humble, TX 77396-4302
Tel: (713) 454-7219 or (713) 488-4578
E-mail: e-mail:hatch@ghgcorp.com
(Specializes in old books, catalog is $3)

Hades Publ.
Box 1414
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2P 2L6
Tel: (403) 254-0160
Fax: (403) 254-0456
E-mail: hades@trickster.com

Haines House of Cards
2514 Leslie Ave
P.O. BOX 12527
Norwood, OH 45212
Tel: (513) 531-6548
(Norwood is a suburb of Cincinnati.
Retail, manufacture, and wholesale. Located near US Playing Card Co. They
have just about everything you'd need in Bicycle stock.)

Hampton Ridge Magic Creations
550 Fairview Ridge Rd.
Palestine, WV 26160

Hank Lee's Magic Factory
Mail Order Division
P.O. Box 789
Medford, MA 02155
Tel: (617) 482 8749
Fax: (617) 395-2034
Orders: (800) 874-7400
E-mail: magicfact@aol.com
WWW: http://www.uelectric.com/magicfactory/
(Catalog is thick, chock full of good deals, and does what no other magic
catalog I've ever seen do - offers fun to read descriptions.)

Hermetic Press
Box 20383
Seattle, WA 98102

Hocus Pocus Magic Company
Conway House, 16 Conway Gardens
Arnold, Notts, NG5 6LR
Tel: 01773 768774

Hocus Pocus Magic Shop
523 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147-1569
Tel: (215) 629-8300
(Irv Fuhrman, owner. This is a relatively small shop, but has a pretty big
selection. In addition, Irv is a great guy. The shop sponsors monthly
meetings with lectures, etc. by magicians such as Dan Tong and George
Schindler. Irv makes a lot of his items, is a consummate performer, and
has a lot of great tips on performance. If he knows of a better method for
a given effect even if it's less expensive than the gimmick you may be
examining he tells you.)

Hocus Pocus Magic Shop
777 E. Barstow Ave. Suite G
Fresno, CA 93710
Tel: (209) 222-8501
Fax: (209) 432-0198
E-mail: hocuspoc@pacbell.net
WWW: http://home.pacbell.net/hocuspoc
(This shop is been in business for over 30 years. A traditional full-line
magic shop; no gags, novelties, etc. Over 7000 items in stock for
immediate delivery. From the smallest pocket trick to the largest of stage
illusions. Also an extensive inventory of antique magic tricks, books,
videos, etc. This is THE ONE-STOP SHOP for any magician! Owners and staff
very friendly and knowlegeable; open to any phone inquiries on any
products. Advertisements in M A G I C magazine; one of the best web sites
around. Catalogs available.)

Hollywood Magic
6614 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Costa Mesa, CA
Tel: (714) 646-4374
Fax: (714) 646-5520
WWW: http://www.swifty.com/MW/shop/hwood.htm

Homeplate Magic Emporium
6061 Cottonwood CT
Clarkston, MI 48346 USA
Tel: (810) 625-8319
Fax: (810) 625-8319
E-mail: wbell10940@aol.com

House of Magic, The
2025 Chestnut St.
San Francisco, CA
Tel: (415) 346-2218
(Carries both old and new stuff, and specializes in antiques, imported, and
limited edition stuff. The primary drawback with this place is that it's
full of rubber doggy-do, inflatable women, rubber snakes, etc., and seeing
into the over-stuffed counters is sometimes tough. You have to become sort
of known face to get the most value out of this store. It does have the
largest local book section.)

Hughes Magic,
352 N. Prospect St.
Ravenna, OH 44266
Tel: (330) 296-4023
(High-quality feather flowers.)


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