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48 Videos On Magic 3


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

48 Videos On Magic 3

8. Other Magic

Animation and Levitation - Kevin James' Floating Rose
This tape is phenomenal! You might never do the floating rose, but you
learn everything you need to do levitiation and animation (close up and
stage). It is difficult, but Kevin takes you step by step and leaves
nothing out.

Chop Cup, The - Brad Burt
Everything to do the Chop cup, complete with the double large load
endings standing up and surrounded.

David Harkey Lecture - David Harkey
Top notch! His routines are simple, visual, and strong. It requires
some good misdirection, but its not overly finger flinging.
Most (all) of the material is in his book. His lecture consists of 10
items. His book has 60 items. All of the material is similar in
style/strength. He is very innovative. His routines have been used to
win awards. He spent "10 years of his life" working on this book and
it shows. He is a nice guy and quite funny. He is easy to talk to and
not egotistical. He has a knack of ribbing people in the audience w/out
insulting them. This is a rare talent. Strongly recommend the lecture
and the book.

Greatest Hits - Randy Wakeman
C&S Enterprises - 1116 Brookview - Brentwood, TN USA 37027
90 minutes. 13 effects all taught. All Card routines.
Great quality, post production editing by pro magician (Jim Suprise).
Three good routines are Overclock, Card under glass, and Spectator on
stage. I have included Spectator on stage in my own performance it is a
great ace cutting effect. Harry Loryane Linking Ring "Fine Selections,
fine quality, fine teaching tape"

Impossibilia - The John Bannon Video.
It demonstrates and explains 13 tricks, and it runs 90 minutes. It's

Linking Rings - Here is a partial list of tapes with instructions on the
linking rings:
1) Fedko - John Fedko has a series of 6 tapes numbered 1 thru 6. One
of the tapes has linking rings as well as other platform effects. I
believe the linking rings are on the "Classic Magic" volume.
2) Marc DeSousa - "Prize Winning Magic"
3) Richard Ross - Stevens' "Greater Magic" series
The most beautiful version of rings I have ever seen. I watched it
many times and was always impressed. He's great.

Off the Cuff - Greg Wilson
From: Jim Lewis (jimlewis@teleport.com)
He demonstrates a ton of effects on it (way more than are listed on the
case). They are all impromptu magic and very impressive.
There are so many good effect on this video that it will keep you
busy for months. I'd recommend this video over any other that I own for
someone who is just beginning. It's great for advanced magicians too.

Pat Page's Spongeball Magic (1991, T.A.T)
From: Stephen "PH" Buxton (mei141@cch.cov.ac.uk)
This video is a must for all beginners in spongeball magic. He
covers four basic vanishes, which are performed cleanly. He shows you his
professional sponge ball routine, and gives a variety of other methods of
bringing a surprise climax to any routine. Eg sponge to silk, colour
changing balls, sponge to coin, etc. Different methods of productions are
also shown, like split, and ball from mouth. He also shows his variation of
the Benson rice bowl trick (from Classic Secrets Of Magic, B. Elliot), and
a few ideas for chop cup routines, including a chop Top Hat. As well as
these, he gives a number of tips about spongeball magic that he has picked
up over the years. All in all, an excellent video for the beginner, but
with bits of interest for those who are more advanced in the art.

Routine Closeup - John Mendoza's
C&S Enterprises - 1116 Brookview - Brentwood, TN USA 37027
1 hr 40 min tape. Mendoza performs 10 effects and teaches 6 of them.
Great quality, post production editing by pro magician (Jim Suprise).
Particularly well explained are Mendoza's Cups and Balls and Dice
Stacking. The Dice stacking are done in slow motion with a clear glass.
Phil Willmarth in Linking Ring said, ".. it is far and away the finest
instructional video I have ever seen"

Thumb Tips - Patrick Page - from the Trik-A-Tape Company,
45-47 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5RS tel 71 253 9693
Having watched perhaps a dozen instructional VHS tapes on magic, this one
has to be my favorite. It gives an incredible amount of detail for the
endless variety of tricks you can do using a thumb tip. I see beginners
frequently posting inquiries about how to get started in magic. Buying a
copy of this tape is my advice.

9. History/Reference

[No items in this topic]

10. Business Issues in Magic

Negotiating Higher Performance Fees audio tape - Michael Ammar
Recommended regarding fees earned by magicians.

Restaurant Magic Business - Charles Green
Tape that is VERY helpful for the restaurant performer.

11. Performing for Children

Ballooning 101 - T. Myers
An introduction to balloon characters.


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